Vocational and Professional Studies Colleges in India

With time, colleges are investing a great deal of time in vocational education. In fact, there are many community colleges as well as technical institutes that offer vocational and professional degrees to students. Vocational and professional colleges in India prepare students for practical and manual oriented jobs like computer operations, desk top publishing and secretarial practices. Unlike the traditional academic education, vocational and professional studies widen your scope to come up with a lucrative job. Vocational and professional courses are available both at the graduate and postgraduate level. Admission to these colleges depends on the criteria set by the college you are applying to.

List of Vocational and Professional Studies Colleges in India

  1. Institute Of Company Secretaries India, delhi
  2. National Institute Of Oceanography, Goa
  3. Shaheed Sukhdev College Of Business Studies, Delhi
  4. Institute Of Minerals And Materials Technology, Bhubaneshwar
  5. Saha Institute Of Nuclear Physics, kolkata
  6. Indian Council Of Philosophy Research, Lucknow
  7. Commercial Pilot Institutes
  8. Polytechnics in India
  9. J J School Of Arts , Mumbai
  10. Maharishi Valmiki College Of Education, Delhi
  11. Library Information Science,
  12. College Of Vocational Studies, Delhi