Distance Learning: Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a certain system that amalgamates in-house and outer management information across an organization. With the establishment of lots of associations, these ERP systems have become one of the major fields of interest to the students as well as working professionals. In India, various learning centers have started offering regular and distance learning courses on this subject to make individuals more skilled and efficient. All these courses are recognized by the Distance Education Council, and hence, are truly valuable in the industry.

Those who want to pursue Enterprise Resource Planning programs through distance education should contact their desired college or university or learning center to know about the eligibility criteria for getting admitted to the courses offered. As different institutes provide distance ERP courses at different levels, the educational qualification, age limit, other admission criteria and fee structure also vary largely. The levels of courses include certificate, diploma, graduate, post graduate diploma etc., and students can choose the most suitable one from them as per their qualification and goals.

Course Content
In India, there are lots of institutes providing distance Enterprise Resource Planning courses at different levels or even offering numerous training programs related to it. In general, these courses cover the areas such as general ledger, account payable, account receivable, purchasing and AOL, both technically and functionally. Topics like inventory, order management and alerts are given partial preferences. On the other hand, a fair number of technologies taught during these courses are:

  • Oracle Apps
  • Unix
  • Sql Loader
  • Reports
  • Forms
  • Toad
  • Putty basics
  • UTL file
  • Psftp basics

Scopes And Opportunities
After successful completion of distance Enterprise Resource Planning courses, aspirants can get jobs up to their satisfaction and earn handsome income. If someone wants to work and grow independently, they can start their own business in this field. Otherwise, students can work in consulting companies or join an end user company to reach their greatest potential in ERP.