E-learning in India

Electronic Learning, popularly referred to as E-Learning in India, is a form of study which comprises all forms of teaching and learning processes achieved with the use of electronic equipment. E-Learning is a contemporary study process and is fast catching up in several countries over the world, including India. Though the development of E-Learning in India has been slow, the progress is expected to be fast in the near future because the student population in the country is generally below the age of 28. The youth in India are driven by technology and hence the electronic methods of teaching and learning appeal to them.

The chief reason for the growing popularity of E-Learning in India is because of the fact that young working professionals partake this type of learning to climb up the professional ladder. E-Learning is a convenient form of learning because all students of electronic learning can attend classes and go through their study programs at a time when they are free from other work;

you can also sit in the convenience of your own space and earn a degree. All that is needed to pursue E-Learning is a computer and an internet connection, which is now available in most parts of India. Moreover, E-Learning opportunities are provided by institutes of repute in the country these days; if a survey is to be believed, the concept of E-Learning will improve and expand in the near future.