Maxmind Abacus & Vedic Academy


India has seen the emergence of several quality education companies and Maxmind Abacus & Vedic Academy is definitely the finest among them. The company is open to franchise services and offers training programs in the field of Advanced Mental Arithmetic for kids falling under the age group of 5 to 14 years. Majority of Maxmind courses are devised following scientific techniques of brain management, which enable children to tap their faculties of brain in right direction.

With the help of Maxmind Abacus & Vedic Academy, kids learn to make use of their right brain while doing calculations. They become able to solve tough equations without depending on pen, paper or calculator. The mind training courses have been designed in such a fashion that even an 8 year old kid can solve complicated sums in 10 seconds without resorting to any kind of help or external tool. In this whole process of teaching and learning, ABACUS is used as a tool and mental arithmetic as a means.

Maxmind Abacus & Vedic Academy Courses

This education services provider in India offers two interesting learning solutions for children. These are Abacus Program and Velocity Max Program. Both these programs are based on the scientific techniques of learning. For more information, you can check out the small briefs given below.

Abacus Program:

This course is meant for kids belong to age group 5 – 14 years. There are eight levels in the Maxmind Mental Arithmetic course. All the eight levels comprise 12 sessions and every level continues for 3 months. 2 hours are allotted for the teaching sessions that occur once in every week.

Further, children have to clear assessment programs at every level in order to become eligible for the ensuing one. Maxmind India also holds Abacus and Mental Arithmetic contests at national levels throughout the country for students pursuing this course.

Velocity Max Program:

Designed for 12 to 18 years old students, this is a short course spanning over 4 months. About 16 classes are held to cover this program and at the end, students are awarded with a certificate.

Benefits of Maxmind Abacus & Vedic Academy Courses

The company has excellent knowledge of Abacus Education and uses top quality brain development methods in India to ensure maximum benefits for children and their parents. With its innovative and fresh concepts of mental maths, the company helps children to grow their power of concentration and memory. They get to increase their reading and writing speed and also become able to process information in a right direction. Its syllabus is suitable for 5 – 18 years old students and one can enroll in the Maxmind courses at low fees. In addition, Maxmind programs also have several other benefits. Some of these are:

Increases ability to deal with numbers

Improves performance
Develops writing, learning and logical reasoning skills
Makes right brain active and prepares students for competition
Boosts comprehension, concentration and imaginative powers