ACK Media


Amar Chitra Katha or ACK Media is one of the leading entertainment and education services providers in India. Its products and services are suitable for all age groups. Through its wide ranging digitalized and e-learning solutions and published materials, the company endeavors to increase the imaginative power of the young people. It has added an innovative angle to the traditional story telling practices in India by enhancing it with technological support. It aspires to boost critical thinking ability in the youth by introducing different types of interactive works in the areas of science, travel and culture. Not only this, the company is also dedicated to make today’s youth aware about their social and physical surroundings by using these topics in an interesting manner.

Further, to reach out to a larger user base, the company offers several products and services. These include e-comics, activity books, pictorial books, DVDs, VCDs, story books, audio books and online games.

ACK Media Brands

Functioning as an entertainment and education company, ACK Media is integrally associated with diverse brands that reflect its objectives. Some of these popular brands are Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle, Karadi Tales, Karadi Path, Dreaming Fingers, Charkha Audiobooks and comic characters.

Amar Chitra Katha:

This flagship brand of the company came into existence in the year 1967. Under this brand, you will find a great collection of visual representations taken from Indian epics, history, mythology, folklores and literature among others. Over 400 comics in about more than 20 languages have been released so far under this brand name. Seeing the huge success this brand has earned, the company is planning to come up with animated stories and game formats based on these sources. The products can be used on different platforms such as mobile, television, and internet.

Karadi Path:

Used by countless schools across India and other countries, this program contains relevant content for students who learn English as second language. It helps students to obtain functional language skills over a short span of time at low fees. It enhances their reading, speaking and comprehension skills. This English program has received many awards and accolades and White Ravens Selection with Special Mention in 2006 is one of them.

Karadi Tales:

This subsidiary company is best known for its multi media content built for Indian market. It offers an audiobook catalogue where more than 45 titles are stored. The range of products under this brand includes rhymes, heritage tales, junior Karadi takes, mythological stories, Jataka tales, Panchatantra and other classic collections.

Charkha Audiobooks:

Available in CD format, the products under this brand include recorded version of stories that have fascinating characters, contexts and back-drops. Special music and sound effects have also been added.


Character, games and stories under this brand are popular all over India and can be accessed online or in print or animated format. Many youngsters love Tinkle magazines that are published in English language. In addition, there is an online web portal called TinkleOnline. Here, young people can take part in a lot of activities and social networking. The site contains games, chat, trading cards, stories and contest modules.

Dreaming Fingers:

Launched by Chennai based The Karadi Tales Company (a part of ACK Media) in association with Netherlands based Lemniscaat firm, the product includes tactile picture books. This product line is meant for people suffering from any kind of visual disorders.

Comic Characters:

The company has created some of the most adorable characters like Shikari Shambhu, Suppandi, Tantri the Mantri and Kalia, etc.