Calorx Education Company Pvt. Ltd


Education services providers in India have changed the way of learning and teaching and Calorx Education Company Pvt. Ltd is an ideal example of this. It has undertaken several projects to make education accessible to even those youth who cannot afford the cost of basic education.

Overview of Calorx Education Company Pvt. Ltd

Based in Ahmedabad, Calorx is a non-profit independent institution. Since 1995, the company is providing refined K-12 education solutions in India. It completed its 15 years of successful journey in 2010. Calorx is a part of Calorx Group of Companies based in New Delhi which operates in finance, hospitality and real estate sectors.

The company wants to occupy leading position in the sphere of education solutions in India. With strong vision, innovative spirit and professional attitude, it aspires to provide high quality K-12 education in the country. It endeavors to ensure all round development of kids to make them an asset for the country and a global citizen driven by a strong sense of commitment and compassion.

Values of Calorx Education Company Pvt. Ltd

Counted among the best education companies in India, Calorx works on some basic principles and values. Each letter in the word ‘Calorx’ stands for the values the company strongly believes in. These include collaboration for ‘C’, academic excellence for ‘A’, living in the gap ‘L’, ownership for ‘O’, raison d’etre – humanistic approach for ‘R’ and X Factor – Speed with Accuracy for ‘X’.

Products and Services of Calorx Education Company Pvt. LtdĀ 

The company has taken an array of initiatives in the education space in India. Some projects that helped this company come in the forefront are listed below. You can take a look at them here.

Opened of Delhi Public School in Bopal, Ahmedabad in 1996. It’s a co-educational English medium school recognized by CBSE.
Started a short teacher training program called Prerna in 2001.
Set up Visamo Kids Foundation in 2002. It offers free education, shelter and meal in addition to other facilities to unprivileged children.
Established the co-educational Calorx School from K to 12 class in 2006.
Opened Delhi Public School in Ahmedabad in 2008. This is a co-educational English medium school.
Founded Calorx Public School in Mundra in 2008.
Introduced Calorx Pre Schools in 2009.
Started Calorx Sports Academy in 2009 to encourage people to indulge in their passion.
Founded Calorx Teachers’ University in 2009 to offer teacher training.
Opened Calorx Public School in Rajula in 2010.
Launched My Learning Centre in 2010 to provide trainings to students after school hours.
Set up Vocational Educational Development Institute of Calorx in 2010 to increase employability of underprivileged kids.