Education Companies in India

Top Education Companies in India

There are a large number of e-learning solution providers in India. Of them, some have been able to create a niche for themselves in the country’s education sector. Most of these companies are either talked about for their products, services or their cutting edge technology based education programs from which countless students, teachers and parents can benefit. These companies are:

ACK Media Career Launcher India Ltd (CL)
Calorx Education Company Pvt. Ltd Capella Education Company (CPLA)
Educomp Solutions Limited Everonn Education Limited
Greycells Education Ltd Karrox
Manipal K-12 Education Pvt. Ltd Macmillan Publishers India
McGraw-Hill Education India Maxmind Abacus & Vedic Academy
NIIT Next Education India Pvt Ltd
Pearson Education Sky India Computer Education India