McGraw-Hill Education India

Among the various education companies in India, McGraw-Hill Education India is best recognized for offering excellent educational materials in the country since 1970. Its educational solutions are especially designed for schools, colleges and healthcare and professional segments.

About McGraw-Hill Education India

Tata McGraw-Hill Education, which is a joint business of McGraw-Hill Companies and Tata Group, deals in every sphere of education including Pre-K to Professional levels. To address all the different educational needs, the company offers traditional learning materials, multimedia tools and online learning solutions for students, teachers and professionals across all age groups.

Not only this, the company with its innovation and creative ideas has changed the way people used to access e-books, subscription services, personalized website programs and online tutorials. It has also created a benchmark in the field of reference and trade publishing services used by engineers, healthcare enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and other professionals.

Today, the company has its offices in over 33 countries across the globe. It publishes educational materials in over 40 languages. To say it so, you can use this company’s myriad products from pre-school years through your career.

It can be said that Tata McGraw-Hill Education is a market leader in the sphere of school, higher studies and professional learning. Having developed traditional textbooks to multimedia and online education solutions, the company has become a source of great leaning for both teachers and students.

Products and Services of McGraw-Hill Education India

McGraw-Hill is recognized for creating a strong foundation for school education in India in collaboration with Tata Group. It offers wide ranging products and services to be used from kindergarten to Class 12. Its comprehensive learning solutions consist of text and supplementary books for Matriculation Board and CBSE. These books are available for every subject that is taught from pre-primary to higher secondary levels. In the field of higher education, Tata McGraw-Hill offers learning solutions for economics, computer science, business, humanities, social sciences and business streams.

Further, the company has designed excellent guidebooks for individuals who want to excel in their profession or any field of interest. The publishing programs for them include Business & General Reference, Science & Technology, Professional Computing and Healthcare. Business & General Reference guidebooks cover areas like strategy, sales, personal finance, investing and management among others. Professional computing programs are useful for working professionals and students.

In Science & Technology domain, the company offerings comprise Machine Tools Handbook, Perry’s Chemical Engineering Handbook, Mark’s Std Handbook for Mechanical Engineers and Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation, etc. Further, its medical textbook such as Harrisons Principle of Internal Medicine is also world famous. McGraw-Hill also offers books that are issued by Berrett-Koehler and AMACOM.