Next Education India Pvt Ltd

Among the well known education services providers in India, Next Education India Pvt Ltd is most recognized for its effective e-learning solutions. The company has its centers in the cities of Kochi, Hyderabad and Pune.

Overview of Next Education India Pvt Ltd

Committed to deliver top quality education solutions to aspiring candidates, Next Education has already created a foothold for itself in the e-learning space in India with its innovative ideas and student friendly products. The company focuses on the learners’ needs and their requirements to come up with better products and services. Next Education strives to change the learning experience of its students, making it more intuitive, real and appealing. Owing to this, it has created some wonderful learning solutions such as TeachNext Server and LearnNext. More than 1000 schools are using these products.

The company believes that the process of learning involves discovery and search. In this process, it wants to be the guiding force of every student. Founded by IIT alumni, the company has its offices spread across different parts of India including Kochi, Hyderabad and Pune. Currently, the team strength of this company is 300 members. The team includes best of subject-matter experts, software programmers, content writers, instructional designers, instructors and graphic artists.

Products and Services of Next Education India Pvt Ltd

Next Education in India endeavors to make the learning experience of its students innovative and interesting. Hence, it has built an array of products that can meet their diverse needs. The products are designed by experienced educationists and technologists. Some of these high quality products are TeachNext, TeachNext Server and LearnNext.


This easy to use classroom solution can meet the digitalized need of any school. It is made of interesting software and hardware design and available in a box format. The box operates with a remote controller and features several audio-visual based lessons, solutions and exercises. The content of this product has been designed after the guidelines of NCERT and other regional boards.

TeachNext Server:

Designed to make both learning and teaching process simple, this e-learning product is based on audio-visual format. It contains various lessons, solutions and tests that help students evaluate their knowledge of a particular subject. There is a Question Bank also in addition to Management and Administration software. It helps in generating and managing usage records.


This e-learning solution is best suitable for classes VI – X under CBSE board. It has been created for subjects like science and mathematics in audio-video form. The product contains lessons, solutions, exercises, tests and experiments among other materials for students to follow. You can use its QuestionBank and StudyPlan to prepare for examination.