Pearson Education


Pearson Education is one of the leading education companies in India and renowned for imparting quality education to around 100 million people across the globe. The learning solutions offered by this company are based on subjects like technology, law, science, business and humanities. Its educational programs are beneficial for all teachers, students and professionals. With the help of its well crafted courses, people can enrich their knowledge, hone their skills and expertise and tap their potential.

Pearson Education, India is dedicated to offer good content, evaluation tools and learning solutions through different media sources, covering educational needs starting from pre school years to university and beyond. This company in India publishes reference and academic books for subjects like engineering, computer science, business and management, higher education, professional and trade, and preparatory materials for competitive exams.

In addition, this company is also well known in the school segment starting from K-12 for publishing books in the category of humanities, mathematics, sciences and English language teaching (ELT). Further, it also offers extensive editorial facilities in the cities of Chennai, Chandigarh and Delhi. Its editorial teams of experienced professionals can cater to different educational levels and streams. They create local publishing programs to fulfill the needs of local markets and design personalized publishing programs for schools, universities and other types of institutions. It also works in close association with customers and authors via innovative and evolving editorial and sales & marketing teams.

Pearson Education Brands

Pearson Education is associated with various brands and businesses that speak volumes about its world class educational solutions. Some of these are listed below:

  • Penguin Longman Publishing
  • New Riders Publishing
  • Benjamin Cummings
  • Merrill Education
  • Addison-Wesley
  • FT-Prentice Hall
  • Scott Foresman
  • Pearson PTR
  • Prentice Hall
  • Cisco Press
  • Peachpit
  • Sams
  • Que

Products and Services of Pearson Education

The company offers excellent educational solutions in the fields of assessment, enterprise software and testing. Its online learning programs are also considered the best among professional consumers. Suitable for students of different age groups, the company’s products and services are nothing less than a boon for educators.

With Pearson Education India, students can discover myriad ways of learning that match their requirements. One of the best examples of this kind is MyLabs which is an online educational tool. The tool can be customized to fulfill the requirements of educators and students in the areas of homework, assessment and refined grade-book systems. Apart from this, Pearson One is another publishing division that deserves mention here. Created for global audience, the goal of this division is to provide students with high quality content that has both global and local import.

With 300 websites, countless media products and several pioneering alliances, the company helps students and teachers alike in their concerned fields. It is also endeavoring to develop interactive programs, practice modules and audio-visual step-by-step problem solving manuals in India. The company also aims to design 3-D models to guide through difficult processes.