India is fast turning into a favorite education destination for many. A change in this status can be attributed to the proliferation of online education companies in India. These online tutoring firms have added a new angle to the learning space for youth. Today, both teachers and students can look for excellent educational and training solutions beyond their traditional classroom set up. One such company which has been successful in this domain is India.

Overview of India India is counted among the top online tutoring companies in India. This company is a part of TransWeb Educational Services Pvt. Ltd, which offers high quality educational solutions. Today, is accessed by a large number of students across the world for its high standards of tutoring and learning solutions.

Having a team of more than 100 experienced and skilled professionals, the online education company provides special modules meant for homework help and examination preparations. These modules are used by countless students across the globe and have been a huge success with schools and colleges. However, this is not all. The company is trying to come up with more such tools and options from which innumerable students can benefit.

Apart from this, also has an array of Indian tutors who get access to updated online tutoring services supported by web technologies. The tutors can speak in British and American accents and have a complete command over the curriculums that are prevalent in Australia, UK and US.

It is worth noticing that all inducted tutors have to appear for rigorous training schedules before and during their service period. They also need to obtain certification in the chosen field of specialization.

Products and Services of India has designed a vast array of educational solutions and facilities that can be used in K-12 segment and are also useful in pre-college and college level education. These solutions are also affective for those preparing for standardized tests. Some of these learning and training services are listed below. These include:

  • Online tutoring
  • Content development
  • Essay writing/assessment
  • Homework help
  • Email assignment solutions
  • Examination assessment services
  • Classroom tuitions
  • Private tuitions
  • Chat and voice based outsourcing solutions
  • Standardized tests preparation for GMAT, CLEP, GRE, SAT, GCSE, AP and AS/A levels