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Infozee Study Abroad is an educational program from Infozee for students who wish to visit a foreign country for pursuing their studies. Infozee offers professional services regarding admission of students, arrangement of financial assistance in the form of educational loans and study techniques for the entrance tests.

Infozee caters mainly to students who wish to educate themselves in the universities and institutes of USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Infozee assists students in making the entire process of study abroad an easy and smooth process by making available to them all relevant information and guidance through Infozee’s official website. The unique features of Infozee’s wide range of educational services are:

  • Online Test Preparation
  • College Selection
  • Essay Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Consulting

Infozee online provides all the aforesaid services, so that the students can get all the required information from the comfort of their homes. Experts from Infozee’s rich faculty and administrative staff provide friendly advise, guidance, encouragement and inspiration to the students through the entire process.

Courses: The Infozee Study Abroad Program offers students specialized services to enable them pursue the following educational programs in the 5 countries mentioned above :

  • MBA Programs
  • MS or Ph.D. Programs
  • Undergraduate Education
  • Online Education

Services: Through its counseling and admission service programs, Infozee provides the following services to students who wish to study in USA.

  • Admission in US Universities at economical rates
  • Informing students on the various income opportunities available to them while they study abroad
  • Essay Editing Services
  • Visa Counseling Services
  • University selection services

The counseling and admission service programs of Infozee provide the following services to students who wish to study in the United Kingdom

  • Services for sending applications to UK universities without any additional financial burden on the students
  • Essay Editing Services

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