Institute of Personality and Aptitude Testing

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The Institute of Personality and Aptitude Testing, Chandigarh is an independent organization providing exemplary service in counseling and guidance to parents, students and teachers alike. Since its inception way back in 1996, IPAT has ably assisted its clients in the areas of career counseling and behavioral therapy. The Institute of Personality and Aptitude Testing also known as the IPAT Guide offers quality services to parents, teachers and students by organizing seminars, counseling programs, psychological tests and camps for counseling in career advancement and behavioral patterns.

IPAT has successfully offered its professional expertise to some of the most reputed schools in North India, till date.

Services Offered: The services of IPAT can be categorized under the following 2 heads :

  • Service to Students
  • Service to Schools

    Service to Students:

    IPAT assists students to:

    • Select subjects for study in the 10+ 1 courses based on their personality, aptitude, interest and intelligence Help plan their careers from class 9 onwards
    • To study in a more smart and intelligent way. Students in the age group of 10-18 years are taught time management strategies, learning techniques, memory improvement techniques, methods for preparation for examinations as well as various methods of relaxation.
    • To encourage individual growth of students. Teenaged children in the age group of 13-19 years are counseled on how to develop their self-esteem, manage stress and emotion and remain relaxed in moments of anxiety.
    • To build their level of self confidence by teaching them how to abstain from drugs, decide correctly; communicate properly with parents and elders etc.

    Service to Schools:

    IPAT assists schools in:

    • Evaluation of aptitude of students & individual counseling of students
    • Evaluation of aptitude of students & counseling of students in groups
    • Evaluation of aptitude

    Contact: Institute of Personality and Aptitude Testing
    SCO – 222-223, Sector 34-A
    Chandigarh, UT, India
    Mobile No: 09915320907
    Fax: 091 – 172- 4614211

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