Study in Estonia

The concept of education imparted through a university started in the mid twentieth century in Estonia. Though the concept is not very old, Estonia is now the home to good colleges and universities that attracts residents and international students.

Requirements for International Students to Study in Estonia

  • Application form filled and signed by authorities of the government
  • Photocopy of passport page that mentions the personal details and identity proof of the applicant
  • School examination certificates and other mark sheets of examinations that the student has passed after school
  • Students visa
  • TOEFL or IELTS certificate

Top Colleges in Estonia

Name of the College Courses Offered
Estonian Information Technology College Graduation in IT Systems Development & Administration, Information Systems Analysis and Technical Communication
Estonian Business School Bachelor’s and Master’s in International Business & Administration
Estonian Academy of Music and Theater
  • Bachelor’s in Instrument Learning, Voice Coordination, Music Education, Interpretation Pedagogics, Cultural Management, Languages and Drama
  • Master’s in Cultural Management, Contract Law, Art of Living, Branding & Export, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior and Digital Surrounding
  • Doctorate in Dramatic Art, Musicology, Music Pedagogy, Educational Science and Philosophy
Estonian Academy of Security Sciences Civil Service studies with specialization in Police & Border Guard, Correction, Rescue and Taxation & Customs
Tallin School of Economics Degree and Vocational programs in Business Administration, Marketing, Software Development, Small Entrepreneurship, Legal Studies, Personnel Management, Banking and Accounting

Top Universities in Estonia

Name of the University Courses Offered
Tallinn University of Technology Post graduation in Engineering, Information, Chemicals & Materials Technology, Business Administration, Economics and Social Sciences
University of Tartu
  • BA in Social Sciences
  • Master’s in Baltic Sea Region Studies, Applied Measurement Science, Mathematics, EU – Russian Studies, Semiotics, Spa Service Design & Management, Engineering, Cyber Security, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Design & Development of Virtual Environments
University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy
  • MA in Sound Engineering Arts, Traditional Music, Education, Inherited Crafts and Design & Development of Virtual Environments
  • BA in Dance Arts, Performing Arts Visual Technology, Culture Management and Jazz & Traditional Music
Estonian University of Life Sciences
  • Master’s in Biodiversity & Landscape Management and Landscape Architecture
  • Bachelor’s in Veterinary Studies
Tallinn University
  • Bachelor’s in Law, Management, Social Sciences and Audiovisual Media
  • Master’s in Anthropology, Communication Management, Crossmedia Production, European Studies, Comparative Literature, International Relations, Digital Library Learning, Cultural Semiotics and Film Arts
  • Doctorate in Humanities, Health, Social, Natural & Educational Sciences and Mathematics

Scholarships in Estonia for International Students

  • DORA Scholarships funded by European Social Fund and offered to international students pursuing master’s degree and Ph.D
  • Scholarships by the Ministry of Education & Research of the Republic of Estonia
  • Archimedes Foundation scholarships
  • Compatriots’ Scholarships

Educational Expenses

The average cost of education for a foreign student in Estonia falls in the range of Euro 400 to 650 per month. This cost covers the tuition and the registration fees.

Students Visa

The documents required for an international student to get a student visa in Estonia are:

  • Passport or any other travel document that has at least two pages blank and 3 months validity after the end of course
  • Application form hand written by the student and signed by Estonia Immigration authorities
  • Insurance policy
  • Proof of accommodation in Estonia
  • Proof of funds to suffice education and living expenses

Education System in Estonia

The different stages of the education system of Estonia are:

  • Pre-higher education or School education
  • Higher education
  • Non university level of education (technical / vocational education)
  • University level education