ASSAM JAT (Assam Joint Admission Test)

Assam Joint Admission Test or Assam JAT is conducted for professional courses for undergraduate students. Students for all medical and engineering colleges in Assam are selected through this exam.

Exam Name: ASSAM JAT (Assam Joint Admission Test)

Exam Date: June 2012. The exam date of 2013 entrance exam is not yet scheduled. Follow this space for further updates.

Time: 3 hours

Fees: Rs 600/- for General and Rs 300/- for reserved candidates.

Registration Opening Date: April 2012. The 2013 exam notification is not yet published.

Registration Closing Date: Last week of April 2012.

Eligibility Criteria:

• 10+2 (PCB), 50 %( GEN) & 40% (RESERVE CATEGORY)

• Candidates must be Indian Citizens and permanent residents of Assam

• Higher Secondary pass out from Assam Higher Secondary Education Council or equivalent.

• Mandatory subjects: English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

• Minimum 50% & (45% in case of SC and 40% in case of ST) marks in the aggregate of the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is required.

Exam Structure: Assam JAT is divided into four parts:

• Mathematics: 100 Marks

• Physics: 100 Marks

• Chemistry: 100 Marks

• Biology: 100 Marks

Syllabus: Mathematics:

•Theory of Equations
•Fundamental Theorem of Algebra:
• Partial Fractions
• Graph Theory
• Logarithms
• Mathematical Induction
• Summation of Finite Series
• Binomial Theorem
• Mathematical Logic
• Trigonometry
• Algebra
• Elements of Limits and Continuity
• Analytical Geometry
• Straight Line
• Pair of Straight Lines
• Number Theory
• Group Theory
• Hyperbola
• Matrices and Determinants
•Analytical Geometry
• Ellipse
• Circles
• Conic Sections (Analytical Geometry)
•Definition of a Conic
•Inverse Trigonometric Functions
•Differential Equations
•Complex Numbers
•Applications of Derivatives
•General Solutions of Trigonometric Equations
•Definite Integrals


•Newton’s Laws of Motion
•Concurrent Co-Planar Forces
•Surface Tension
•Work – Power – Energy gravitation:
•Refraction through a Prism
•Gas Laws
•Refraction at a Spherical Surface
•Mode of Heat Transfer
•Geometrical Optics
•Introduction to Theories of Light
•Diffraction: Polarization
•Physical Optics
•Electric Charges: Capacitors: Current Electricity.
•Electromagnetic Induction
•Atomic Physics
•Introduction to Atomic Physics
•Photo Electric Effect
•Refraction at a Spherical Pure Resistor
•Nuclear Physics
•Liquid Crystals
•Speed of Light
•Elementary Particles: Solid State Electronics
•Soft Condensed Matter Physics
•Geometrical Optics
•Refraction at a Plane Surface
•Refraction through a Prism
•Current Electricity
•Electric Current
•Physical Optics
•Introduction to Theories of Light
•Nuclear Physics
•Nuclear Fission with Equations
•Kickoff’s Laws
•Electrostatic Field
•Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
•Mechanical Effect of Electric Current
•Elementary Particles
•Solid State Electronics
•Digital Electronics
•Electromagnetic Induction
•Dual Nature of Matter


•Atomic Structure
•Periodic Properties
•Chemical Properties
•Coordination Compounds
•Oxidation Number
•Gaseous State
•Chemical Kinetics
•Organic Compounds with Oxygen-2
•Chemical Bonding – 2
•Chemical Thermodynamics-2
•Solid State
•Aldehydes and Ketones
•Monocarboxylic Acids
•Organic Chemistry
•Metallurgy – 2
•Industrially Important Compounds
•Group 18, Nobel Gases
•D – Block Elements (Transition Elements)
•Theory of Dilute Solutions
•Oils and Fats
•Amino Acids and Proteins

Admit Card Availability: Yet to be announced.

Availability of Brochure and Forms:Visit by post.

How to Apply: The application form is to be attached with a demand draft of Rs 650 (Rs 50 additional postal charge) for General candidates and Rs 350 for the SC/ST candidates.

Application Mode:Demand draft of Rs 650/- for Gen and Rs 350/- for the SC/ ST candidates.

Centers of Exam: Mentioned in the admit cards.

For more details:

Address: Directorate of Higher Education, Kahilipara. Guwahati 781019

Tel: +91-361-2382286


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Recommended Books:

Mathematics: K.C.Sinha [Algebra], R.D.Sharma [Volume 1 &Volume 2], Arihant Publication [Differential & Integral], and S.L.lonie [Co-ordinate Geometry

Physics: Arihant publication [Volume 1 &Volume 2, H.C.Verma [volume 1 &Volume 2]

Chemistry: Objective chemistry [O.P.Agarwal], R.C.Mukherji [Physical Chemistry]

Result Date: To be announced soon. Visit:

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