ICSE Exams

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The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations conducts the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) exams at the class 10 level.  The course of this board is designed according to the recommendation that has been provided by the New Education Policy of 1986 in India. The medium of instruction followed by the ICSE board is English. The pass mark allotted for the subjects is 35%.

Important dates for ICSE

The examinations usually begin in the last week of February and continue till the end of March. The process of registration for this examination begins in the month of July and the forms are sent to all the schools under the affiliation of the ICSE Board. The timetable is sent in the printed form to all the schools soon after they are declared. The date sheet is also available on the official website of the ICSE.

Prescribed books for ICSE

The most important way through which candidates can score well in the ICSE exams is by solving the previous years’ question papers. This will give them a good idea regarding the format of the questions and the ways in which they have to manage time in order to finish the paper comfortably. The past question papers are available in the form of books as well as on a number of websites. The candidates can also enroll themselves in coaching centers for systematic guidance from experienced teachers. A few of the reference books that can benefit the ICSE aspirants have been listed below:

  • Ten Years ICSE Questions, by Goyal Publishers
  • Longman ICSE Mathematics for Classes 9 and 10, by Pearson
  • Oswal ICSE Question Bank Economic Applications Class X
  • Oswal ICSE Question Bank Geography for Class IX

Tips for ICSE Exams

Being the first most important examination for a student, the ICSE does sometimes create a lot of anxiety within the candidates regarding the quality of performance. Let us have a look at how to tackle such situations:

  • Avoiding stress and refusing to give in to pressure situations is the key to scoring well in this examination. Breathing exercises can prove to be beneficial under such circumstances. If group studying causes a lot of tension regarding how well the other students are prepared, self-study is the best option to resort to.
  • The preparation must be in an organized manner. The students should create a timetable in such a manner that all the subjects receive equal amount of attention.
  • Time management is very important for any examination. The students should ensure that after they solve the paper, there is enough time to do a quick revision. Careless mistakes often result in reduction of marks and this can be avoided by going through the answer sheet one last time before submission of the same.
  • Studying without proper breaks can result in monotony and lack of concentration. So, a break of 5 to 10 minutes is required before jumping from one subject to another.
  • Right before the examination begins, the candidates must not begin with a completely new topic. That way he/she will end up wasting a lot of time because in the end, there is every chance that the brand new information will not be retained by the memory. It will however be wiser to revise the topics that have already been done.
  • The candidates of the ICSE examinations need to follow a healthy diet so that they find themselves energetic enough during the preparation break. Unhealthy food habits can lead to stomach upsets and other problems that will weaken the body as well as the brain.

How to prepare for ICSE

To succeed in the ICSE examinations, the candidates have to be regularly in touch with their books. There is absolutely no scope for complacency here and a consistent pace is required. Solving the previous years’ question papers is a must and timing the exercise is crucial. The candidates should also practice writing answers for subjects like History and Geography so that they retain the information for a longer duration of time. Cramming information blindly is not going to solve the problem. It is essential that the concepts are grasped so that application-based questions can be answered without any trouble.

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