Women’s Colleges in Goa

By Chirantan Tripathy

Women colleges in Goa are the pioneers of popularizing women education in the state. They have educated women since its inception to be leaders of the rapidlyevolving social and financial world. Education provided by these colleges makes sure that women are confident enough to face the challenges that the world throws at them.

Mission and Values
Colleges for women in Goa are governed by the national and state education board and they follow certain rules that precisely draw the diagram of their mission and values.

  • The primary mission of these colleges is to secure the path of career and academic success for women through education.
  • Women colleges in Goa prepare women in the state for a global society of distinctive cultures.
  • These colleges provide courses that are designed to invoke leadership into students.
  • Every course that these colleges offer is devised to widen the information platform through various activities.
  • Truth and integrity is the core mission of women colleges in Goa.
  • Education is never complete until it helps in developing consciousness of social, financial and political platform. These colleges concentrate on offering such fulfilling educational experience.


Every Woman’s college in Goa is equipped with spacious libraries, laboratories, learning resource facilities with multimedia equipments, transportation vehicles and fields to cater sports needs.

Well stacked libraries in women colleges are capable of quenching the thirst of intellectuality among students. The libraries are well endowed with the collection of rare books as well as promising literary pieces of modern writers across the globe.

Neat and clean laboratories act as the resource of inspiration among the students. Students of subjects such as Biotech, Zoology, Chemistry, Botany, and Physics learn more about scientific methodologies with the help of these modern laboratories.

Also, every women college in Goa has special health centres, canteens, recreation/common rooms and hostel facilities as well.

Women colleges in Goa offer courses under the section 24(1) of Goa University act 1984. The under-graduate and post-graduate courses are generally integrated courses that have the duration of three years. These courses are divided in three different segments that ordain different subject streams. These segments are-

  • Faculty of Arts- Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Economics, Geography, History, modern Indian language and modern foreign language etc.
  • Faculty of Science- Mathematics & Statistics, Physics, Electronics, Computer Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Biology etc.
  • Faculty of Bio-tech- Microbiology, Cell-Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology and Genetics etc.
  • Faculty of Commerce- Book keeping and Accountancy, Secretarial Practice, Organisation of Commerce etc.

List of Women’s Colleges in Goa

Name/Address Activity Phone/Fax E-Mail/Website
Carmel College For Women Margao Panjim Road, Nuvem – Goa. B.A., B.Sc., B.Com. Phone: 91 – 832 2790959 / 2790714. Fax: 91 – 832 2790714. Email:carmel_goa@bsnl.in Website: http://www.carmelcollegegoa.org/