Harekrushna Mahatab State Library, Orissa

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The Harekrushna Mahatab State Library is one of the best public Libraries of Orissa. Established in the year 1967, it was renamed as Harekrushna Mahatab State Library (after the former Chief Minister, Dr.Harekrushna Mahatab) reminiscing of the architect of modern Orissa.

In 1987 it was renovated and the entire space of the four storied building was utilized for the functioning of two constituent Libraries -State Library for the entire State of Orissa and another Public Library for Bhubaneswar City only. Located in the prime hub of Bhubaneshwar, the capital city, the state library is only a public library with no lending facility while the latter lends to residents of the city of Bhubaneshwar. The library boasts of a collection of about 144000 books and periodicals.

  • Divisions of the Harekrushna Mahatab State Library Orissa :
    State library
    Bhubaneshwar Public Library
    Children’s Library
  • Sections of books and periodicals at Harekrushna Mahatab State Library Orissa :
    Children Section
    Depository Section
    State Library(Reference Section)
    Language and Literature Section
    Subject Collection Selection
    Text Book Selection
    Dr.Sitakanta Mohapatro Collection
    Women studies Collection
    Tribal Culture Collection
    Dr.Harekrushna Mahatab Collection
  • Collection at Harekrushna Mahatab State Library Orissa: 
    The library which comprises of two main sections funded by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Orissa boasts of a huge collection of books that relates to various sphere of studies – economics, sciences, humanities astronomy, astrology just to name a few. The personal collections of the two eminent contributors are equally significant and render a lot of help for researchers. The children section, which has over 12000 books with a wide variety. Apart from these the library has an overflowing stock of magazines and newspapers.
  • Membership at Harekrushna Mahatab State Library, Orissa:
    The State Library is a Reference and Research Library which does not have the lending facilities. Only registered members of the State Library and such casual visitors are permitted to use library services.
    Every person admitted as a member of the State Library is required to make a refundable deposit of Rs.50 before issue of Membership Card .The membership remains valid for a period of three years from the date of issue of the Card .Casual visitors desiring to use the facilities of the State Library for more than seven days, but not exceeding 30 days can avail of the facility with a payment of Rs30. The Bhubaneswar Public Library, which is a branch of the State Public Library, metes out both reading and lending facility. Only registered members of the state library and Bhubaneshwar Public Library are generaly eligible to become members, the age limit being 12 years. Borrowing facility is accessible after a refundable deposit of Rs.50.00 or Rs.100.00 or Rs.150.00 depending on the category of books.
  • Other facilities at Harekrushna Mahatab State Library Orissa:
    Training Division
  • Timings of Harekrushna Mahatab State Library Orissa:
    The Library functions in two shifts from 8A.M to 8P.M in all working days including Sundays. The working hours on Second Saturday is from 10A.M to 5P.M.The library is closed on Mondays.
  • Address: Harekrushna Mahatab State Library,
    Jawaharlal Nehru Marga,
    Unit IV ,
    Bhubaneswar- 751001
  • Telephone: 0674-2514315
  • fax: 0674-2514315
  • Email: hkmsl@rediffmail.com