Indian Council of Historical Research, Delhi

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Indian Council of Historical Research Libraray, Delhi boasts of a collection of 60,000 books and periodicals with a subscription of 110 journals from India and abroad. The number of members during 2006-07 is estimated to be around 2,026. ICHR provided 488 photocopies to scholars who were engaged extensively in research works in history and related subjects at a subsidized rate during 2006-7.

The library has up graded itself with the computer network facilities by introducing the JSTOR and DELNET technologies. The research scholars can gain access to the study materials and papers without any hassles within a short span of time by the use of the afore mentioned technologies.

Contributions of ICHR Libraray:

The ICHR library has been instrumental in bringing the research scholars of history and allied subjects under its canopy which is a store house of information on the various facets of history. The scholars, students and academicians are able to satiate their quest for knowledge from the vast resource of the library. ICHR library is regarded as the best when it comes to the collection of books, periodical and various other records of history is concerned. The esoteric circle of History who continuously craves for infinite sources of information and knowledge can found their mental satisfaction amidst the abundant pool of resources available in ICHR library.

Address of ICHR library:

Indian Council of Historical Research
35 Ferozeshah Road,
New Delhi 110 001

Phone: +91 11 23382321, +91 11 23386973

Fax: +91 11 23383421