Library of Congress Office, New Delhi

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Library of Congress Office, New Delhi acquires resources under the South Asian Co- Operative Acquisition programme (SACAP) from countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and Tibet. The mode of obtaining information from other countries on various topics is not possible by following the usual procedure. The library is a branch office among the several other 5 branches situated globally. The head office is situated in Washington, USA.

Facilities of the Library of Congress Office

Apart from these South Asian Countries, the library of Congress office also gathers information from North American research libraries. The library has a network of book dealers and executives who help in transfer and sharing of information from 5 other countries in the vicinity. The information which is procured depends upon the demand of the academicians, research scholars who are members of Congress and primarily it caters the resource of knowledge to a large section of Americans living in South Asia. The information that they gather is in the form of journals, maps, video and sound, dailies, brochures, etc.

The interested candidates have to register themselves in the country of their choice and have to pay a certain amount to gather information about the afore -mentioned countries .

The following are the languages which are included:

India- Nepali,Persian, Prakrit, Pali, Arabic, Assamese, European , Konkani, Manipuri, Hindi dialects, Kashmiri , Rajasthani, Sindhi, and tribal languages
Bangladesh- Urdu, Arabic
Sri Lanka- Tamil, Pali.
Nepal- Sanskrit, Newari .
Burma- Mon, Shan, Kachen, Karen.

The library also helps in the preservation of materials in the form of micro films which are in a poor state and are susceptible to damage and the rare brochures, journals and materials are thus prevented from destruction by the relentless pursuit of the library to gather and preserve information about the various aspects South Asian countries.

The library has taken the insurmountable, behemoth responsibility of procurement, preservation and dissemination of information about the South Asian countries with its multilingual cast, creed, culture and tradition.

The library is instrumental for its laudable endeavor in unraveling the vast store house of information in South Asian countries and enriching the world with the myriad hues and shades of their diverse culture, history, language and tradition.

Address of Library of Congress Office:

New Laila Mulgaokar,
Field Director
U. S. Library of Congress Office
American Center
24, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi , India 110 001

E- mail: