Ramkrishna Mission Library, Delhi

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Although the Ram Krishna Mission Library or the RKM Library, as it is popularly known has been functioning since the very beginning of the institution, the renovated and the expanded new library was found by Swami Ranganathanandaji on November 23, 1956. The new library in the ground floor boasts of colossal area of 2772 square feet with a huge collection of books on a broad spectrum of subjects. The library is undoubtedly a boon for all the voracious readers who want to satiate their un-quenchable thirst for reading and acquiring knowledge.

Another library was opened in 1962 by the financial assistance of Delhi University that provides membership exclusively to the students of Delhi University and the membership is entirely free for them. The library boasts of 8667 books till 2005. However, the library ‘s reading room is open to non- m Therefore on this page, we have tried to provide the details of various Libraries in India. These libraries may be Social Science libraries, Science libraries, public libraries or any other Indian library. However if you come across any discrepancy, then please do write to us about it. We welcome any kind of feedback that would improve the quality of this site, a site that strives to provide the best on the libraries in India.

Facilities of RKM Library:

The library boasts of a colossal collection of books on subjects like Humanities, Philosophy, Theology , Spirituality, Linguistics, Science and Technology Literature, etc. The institute also has a collection of multilingual books and journals. It has a good collection of books in philosophy, theology, Sanskrit and Russian.

The total number of books till 2005 was 39,845. The total number of books issued was 13,297. The library is used by a whopping 223 members daily with a stock of 14 dailies and 165 periodicals in various languages.

Rules and regulations of RKM library:

  • The library can be used by everybody , but books can be borrowed by members only.
  • The library is closed on Monday and is open for the rest of the days.
  • The working hours are from 8 A.M. To 11 A.M and 4 PM to 8 PM.
  • A refundable deposit of Rs. 100 and an admission fee to Rs. 10 is required to attain the membership for 1 person.
  • The membership card is renewed after a stipulated period of 1 year by paying Rs.10.

Address of RKM Library:

Ramakrishna Mission
Ramakrishna Ashrama Marg
Panchkuiya Road, Paharganj
New Delhi 110055
Phone: 011-23587110/23583023
Fax: 011-23580848
Email: ashram@rkmissiondel.org