Colleges in Nepal

Most of the colleges in Nepal seek to impart not only bookish knowledge on its students but to provide opportunities that would help them develop all the facets of their personality and become good citizens of the country in the future. However one needs to be very careful while choosing a college in Nepal so that one can fulfill all the necessary desires while in college.

College education in Nepal starts after the 2 years of higher secondary education. After completing the higher secondary education in Nepal, one can pursue the graduate level education in general or other professional colleges of Nepal. One can earn a graduate degree (pass/honors) from a college of Nepal after three years of study. However if you want to earn a MBBS degree from a medical college in Nepal it would take you four and half years. Engineering courses in Nepal are generally spans for 4 years.

On this page we have tried to provide a detailed list of all the colleges in Nepal that would include the general degree colleges, medical colleges of Nepal, Engineering Colleges of Nepal and other professional institutes of Nepal. However if you find any error in the details of Nepal Colleges, please inform us. We would appreciate any such effort on your part that would improve the quality of the site.