Montessori Schools in Orissa

The Montessori method of education developed by Maria Montessori has gradually gained acceptance in Orissa also and over the years various Montessori preschools and Montessori elementary schools have up in Orissa. The Montessori schools in Orissa emphasizes on the overall development of the child. The children in Montessori schools in Orissa get an opportunity to employ themselves in any activity that interest them most.

The role of the teacher in the Montessori schools is to observe and guide them.The teachers of Montessori schools, instead of imposing their own views on the children, seek to answer the queries that the children come up with.

Although there may be slight variation in the method of teaching in the Montessori schools of Orissa that use the name “Montessori”, most seek to adhere to the basic philosophy developed by Maria Montessori and emphasize on self directed development of the child.

Although Montessori education in Orissa is availed only by the affluent section of the society, it is increasingly becoming popular and more and more people are today looking for Montessori schools in Orissa.

Therefore, on this page, we would provide you a list that would include Montessori Preschools in Orissa and Montessori Elementary schools in Orissa. If you come across any Montessori school in Orissa that is missing in the list, please do inform us. We would appreciate any such effort that would improve the quality of the site.

Montessori Schools in Orissa

Name & Address Phone & Email
DAV Primary School, Jagannath Area, Ananta Vihar, P.O. Dera, Talchar Dera Colliary Angul, 759103
Shemrock Orchid, Plot No..209/2114, Pragati Vihar, Chandrasekahrpur, Bhubaneswar, Orissa Ph : 9437024922