Computer Colleges in Pondicherry

As Computer Colleges are plenty in India, on this page, we have tried to list the Computer colleges in Pondicherry. This section spans through the best Computer colleges, the top Computer institutes and the supreme Computer schools available in the state of Pondicherry.

We have attempted to give as accurate information as possible while compiling this list of computer colleges in Pondicherry. But incase, there is some discrepancy in the details of the computer colleges provided here, then please do feel free to write to us. We would any kind of effort from your side that will improve the quality of the site.

Name/Address Activity Course Phone Seats
Pondicherry Engineering College
Pillaichavady, Pondicherry
Computer Application MCA (0413) 85-2153,85-2158,85-2159,85-221 30
Pondicherry University
R. Venkataraman Nagar, Kalapet Pondicherry
Computer Application MCA 0413- 852177, 852212
Fax : 0413-852211, 852265
Bharathiar College of Engineering & Technology
194, Bharathiar Road, Karaikal
Computer Application MCA ********* 30
Pope John Paul II College of Education
Reddiarpalayam Pondicherry
Computer Application
Affiliated to Pondicherry University
MCA ********* 30
Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering & Technology
No. 25, East Cost Road, Kirumambakkam
Computer Application
Affiliated to Pondicherry University
MCA ********* 60