Education in Rajasthan

Rajasthan represents color of India. Besides being the land of festivals, this state is focusing in developing the educational system through various reforms. The rate of literacy level is increasing in Rajasthan more than ever. According to the last census of 2011, the rate of male literacy is 80.5% and female literacy rate is 52.7%. The rate of literacy level is less in the rural areas than the urban regions of Rajasthan. The state government is taking steps to increase the rate of education level. Rajasthan’s education system is primarily governed by the state government. The school education system in Rajasthan is improving. In fact, advanced educational procedure is used to uplift the overall education standard. Like rest of the Indian states, Rajasthan is also following multi-tiered education system. They are:

  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Higher secondary education
  • College/University education
  • Professional education

School Education System in Rajasthan: Today, the school education system of Rajasthan has advanced a lot in comparison to the past. Rajasthan Board conducts school education of this state. Another important goal of the Rajasthan government is to increase the rate of female education. More schools are being built in the state for spreading education to all, even the marginalized. Besides government schools, there are private English medium schools in Rajasthan. Most of the private schools are affiliated under CBSE and ICSCE. Simultaneously, two syllabuses are followed in Rajasthan. According to latest statistics, there are around fifty-five thousand primary schools and seven thousand four hundred secondary schools in this largest state of India. College and Universities in Rajasthan: The college education of Rajasthan is developing like never before. Today, there are around nine universities. Around forty one engineering colleges are there in Rajasthan, where more than eleven thousand students enroll each year. MBA colleges in Jaipur are also having a good intake of candidates. Besides these career courses, distance education is also available in this state. Rajasthan is bestowed with one hundred and fifty two Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) and twenty three polytechnics. There are acclaimed engineering, architectural and pharmacy colleges in this state. The Rajasthan Technical Education Board situated in Jodhpur conducts Rajasthan Pre Entrance Test for engineering, architecture and pharmacy, better known as RPETEAP. Top engineering colleges are there in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. “Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another”. This famous line of Gilbert K. Chesterton is the most appropriate statement for the education system in Rajasthan.