Maths AP,GP,HP Examples Tutorial 4



Motion or movement occurs when a body (having a shape / size) changes its position with respect to a stationary object.

Speed is nothing but rate at which distance is covered during motion. It is denoted by m/s, km/s, km/h, etc.

Time can be defined as the duration during which movement or motion occurs.

Formula: Distance = Speed x Time

Test Your Skills

A)Let S be the sum, P the Product and R the sum of reciprocals of n terms in a GP. Prove that P2Rn= Sn
B)The pth, qth, rth terms of an AP are a,b,c respectively. Show that (q-r)a + (r-p)b + (p-q)c =0

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A) 8729 (B) 8,16,32