Maths Probability Tutorial 3

Test Your Skills

A) A coin is tossed 3 times. Where

1) E= at least 2 heads, F= at most 2 heads
2) E= at most 2 tails, F= at least 1 tail

Find E/F

B) Mother, father and son line up randomly for family pic. E= son on one end, F= father in middle. Find E/F

C) A black and red die are rolled. Find conditional pronbability of :

1)obtaining a sum greater than 9 , given that black die resulted in a 5

2)obtaining a sum 8, given red die resulted in a number less than 4
D) If a family has 2 children , what is CP that both are girls, given that 1) youngest is a girl, at least 1 is a girl.

For Answer Click Here

(A)1) 3/7 2) 6/7
(B)1) 1
(C)1) 1/3 2) 1/9
(D)1) 1/2 2) 1/3