Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote

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Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote, Karnataka was established in the year 1978 by the Government of Karnataka and registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 as an autonomous body aimed at promoting serious scholars in Indian philosophy, particularly the Vedantic systems, by seeking to blend modern research methods with the traditional approach to these subjects.

The Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote also intends to embark on a systematic program that makes specific areas of Indian philosophy more accessible to the common man and in general promote a serious awareness of our culture among all those who are interested in it, but lack guidance in the respect.

The Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote is set in a beautiful, sylvan campus of 14 acres at the Southern end of Melkote town, and has re-created a gurukula-like atmosphere for its 20 full-time traditional and modern research scholars. ASR Melkote has been accorded the status of a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Aims of ASR Melkote

The various aims and objectives of Academy of Sanskrit Research Melkote are :

  • Conducting Oriental Research with special focus on Visishtadvaita Philosophy and comparative studies with other systems of thought and publications of the same.
  • Conducting Scientific Research on Mining / Engineering knowledge stated in the ancient texts with an eye on the future.
  • Conducting IT related Sanskrit Research by developing software tools for Natural Languages Processing (NLP) in Indian Languages using insights and logic available in ancient in ancient texts.
  • Organizing Academic Courses, Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.
  • Collecting / digitizing old / rare manuscripts related to Sanskrit studies and publishing useful works with their translations in English and other Indian Languages.

Departments at ASR Melkote

  • Oriental Research
  • Scientific Research
  • IT Oriented Research
  • Printing & Publication
  • Library 7 manuscripts
  • Daiva Vana ( Bio-diversity )
  • Finance & Administration

Research at ASR Melkote

  • Since its inception ASR Melkote has been conducting research in Sanskrit Speech Synthesis, Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Sanskrit teaching through computer media etc. ASR Melkote has diversified from traditional research to scientific research through computers. It has surged into the field of Information Technology (IT), collected scientific information available in Sanskrit texts, and undertaken several science oriented projects sponsored by some well-known organizations such as the Indian Space Research Organization, Ministry of HRD, Government of India etc.

Seminars and Workshops at ASR Melkote

More than 20 Seminars and workshops of National and International levels are organized by ASR Melkote, some of which are listed below.

Projects at ASR Melkote

Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote has undertaken the following projects-

  • Indian concept of Cosmology
  • Ekadantavidya or Sanskrit Speech Synthesis
  • Critical Translation of Sribhashyam into Kannada
  • Iron & Steel in Ancient India – A Historical perspective
  • Critical Translation of Thiruvaymozhi from Sanskrit to Hindi
  • A Dictionary of Indian Culture (Chief Editorship)

Infrastructure at ASR Melkote

  • Library : The library at ASR Melkote has a collection of more than 24000 books and 10000 palmleaf manuscripts.
  • Museum : The museum at ASR Melkote is a rare storehouse of ancient coins, tools, idols and artifacts collected from various sites in and around the Academy.
  • Buildings : ASR Melkote has various buildings housing the Research & Academic Block, Library & Manuscript Block, Administrative Block, Cottages & Guest House etc.
  • Accommodation : Guest house is available, for visitors who like to explore Academy of Sanskrit Research and Melkote.

Address :

Academy of Sanskrit Research
Melkote – 571 431, Mandya Dist.,
Karnataka, India.
Ph. : ( 08236 )48781