Indian Institute of Advanced Research (IIAR), Gandhinagar

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Indian Institute of Advanced Research has been established as a first-grade research center to attain excellence in identified areas of science and technology. The Institute is committed to the cause of advancement of research works in areas that involves human resource development and apply research results for the betterment of mankind.

Some of the main objectives of the Indian Institute of Advanced Research includes:-

  • Set-up Schools of Excellence and modern laboratories in high- priority areas of science.
  • Elevate human resource development through teaching, by carrying on training programs arranging seminars and interactive meetings, awarding scholarships for specific research and conducting examinations
  • Develop links with academicians, researchers, and industrial scientists from all around the world, in areas relevant to the institute’s interest.
  • Boosting scientific research, build a network with universities, institutions, research organizations, laboratories, industrial or commercial organizations in India or abroad.Crucial areas of research of the IIAR includes:
    1. Human Health and Disease
    2. Plant Sciences
    3. Biomolecular Medicine
    4. Industrial Biotechnology
    5. Bioinformatics & Structural Biology.

    The Institute gets support from Puri Foundation for Education in India.

    School of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences take in applications from highly qulified candidates who wish to carry out research works for Ph. D degree.

    The Departments consists of:-

    • Human Health Science -Two diseases of high importance, for the country and for the entire world, will be covered in the first phase. The diseases are Cholera and Diabetes.
    • Bio-Molecular Medicine and Industrial Biotechnology -This particular subject is in, an emerging state in India. The program has been pioneered at IIAR. This will includes multidimensional approach of functional genomics, cell biology and chemical biology.
    • Plant Science -The research will be carried out in the premier areas of Plant Sciences. Currently, there is a renewed interest in the plant based medicine around the world, thus making the research necessary.
    • Bioinformatics & Structural Biology -The research project includes :-
      1. Adhesins
      2. Extra cellular matrix proteins
      3. Plant lectins
      4. Interaction of natural molecules with biosystems
      5. Systems biology
      6. Databases and new algorithms

    The Department is equipped with all the necessary facilities that includes :-

    • SGI Fuel Work Station
    • IBM Machine
    • 24 x 7 Internet
    • IBM Server


    City office -

    The Puri Foundation For Education in India.

    Block No 2: First Floor, Udyog Bhavan,

    Sector No 11, Gandhinagar – 382017


    School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology,

    Indian Institute of Advance Research, KOBA Village

    Gandhinagar (Gujarat) PIN- 382007

    Telephone - 91-79-30514202 (Administration)

    Fax :91-79-30514110