Indian Maritime University

Are you fascinated by the oceans and planning to opt for a career in this field of study? If so, programs of Indian Maritime University are ideal to accomplish your ambition. Established on December 31, Indian Maritime University is located in Chennai and is the first central university which is established by the Department of Shipping. Known as IMU, the institute also maintains regional centers in the cities such as, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Visakhapatnam. Indian Maritime University is comprised of the following government and government aided maritime training and research institutes.

  • T.S. Chanakya, Navi Mumbai
  • National Maritime Academy, Chennai
  • Marine Engineering & Research Institute, Kolkata
  • Marine Engineering & Research Institute, Mumbai
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Port Management, Kolkata
  • National Ship Design and Research Centre, Visakhapatnam

Indian Maritime University Courses

Indian Maritime University is one of the top Marine Colleges in India and an ideal place for learning. Infrastructure is top-notch and the institution offers congenial ambiance and all the support services to the students to complete their learning. Departments of the Indian Maritime University include the following:

  • Marine Engineering
  • Transport & Logistics (Business School)
  • Naval Architecture & Ship Building
  • Inland Water Transport
  • Marine Sciences
  • Maritime Law
  • Port Management
  • Nautical Science

Each of the campuses of Indian Maritime University offers wide range of maritime programs and courses focusing on industry requirements. Interested students can get detailed information by contacting the particular center.

Indian Maritime University Services

Indian Maritime University, Chennai offers state of the art services to the students. All of its campuses are equipped with upscale amenities and it is an amazing experience to pursue higher learning in this prestigious institution. Along with theoretical learning, excellent hands-on training is available for the students. Chemistry, Physics & Navigation labs are magnificently designed in terms of modern technology.

Indian Maritime University Accommodation facilities

All the campuses of Indian Maritime University offer accommodation facilities to its students. Students can take part in varied spare time activities such as, outdoor / indoor games. Students can also access to Banking and communication facilities at the campus.

Indian Maritime University Admissions

If you are planning to opt for studying at this esteemed university in India, apply for admissions. Indian Maritime University admissions requirements vary from one course to another. Contact the institution to get updated details and requirements.

Indian Maritime University Address

Indian Maritime University
East Coast Road, Uthandi, Chennai – 600 119
Phone: (044) 24530343, 24530345.
Fax: (044) 24530342
Pan Number: AAAAI2610K
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