Women Polytechnics in Uttar Pradesh

For empowerment of women with technical skills and employment of these skilled human capitals in the Indian industries for socio-economic development of the nation, several polytechnics in Uttar Pradesh offer exclusive courses in engineering as well as non-engineering subjects. Once trained through these employment-oriented courses, women can take up jobs in diverse profiles which require specialized knowledge and skills from the recruited workforce. The courses offered by the Women Polytechnics in Uttar Pradesh are approved by All India Council for Technical Education in New Delhi. For admission to the courses offered in the Women polytechnics in the state, a female student need to appear in the entrance exam organized by the Joint Entrance Examination council of Uttar Pradesh.

Features of Women Polytechnics in Uttar Pradesh

Govt. Girls Polytechnic Gorakhpur offers Post graduate diploma course in Computer Applications. Diploma courses in engineering subjects such as Information technology, Fashion Designing & Garment Technology and Electronics Engineering are also available in this state. Women can also enroll in non-engineering subjects such as Textile Design and Modern Office Management. Short term courses in employment-oriented subjects such as Beauty Culture, Computer Programming, Bakery & Fruit Preservation, Garment Design & Dress Making, Office Management & Typing, House Wiring & Motor Binding, Screen Printing or Jewelry Making are also available in some community polytechnics in the state.

Below mentioned is a list of women polytechnics in Uttar Pradesh -

Women Polytechnics in Uttar Pradesh
Name & Address Phone/Email Courses & Seats
Anar Devi Khandelwal Mahila Polytechnic Virindawan Gate, Mathura – 281001 Ph: 407579/420688

Email: kmdixit-02000@yahoo.com

Diploma Courses : Steno & Sectt. Practice (30), Lib. Science (30), Electronics (30), Electronics with Consumer Electronics (30)
Govt. Women’s Polytechnic

Amethi 227405 (Sultanpur)

Ph: 05368-22014/22014 Diploma Courses : Computer Applications (30), Instrumentation & Control Engg. (30), Stenography & Sectt. Practice (30), Electronics (30)
Govt. Girls Polytechnic

Dehradun 248007

Diploma Courses : Equipment Testing (30), Steno & Sectt. Practice (30), Electronics (30), Computer Application (30)
Govt. Girls Polytechnic

Guru Gobind Singh Marg,

Charbagh, Lucknow

Ph: 225691 Diploma Courses : Electronics Engg. (45), Steno & Steno. Practice (60), Costume Design Making (45), Artictecutral Asst. Ship (30)
Govt. Girl’s Polytechnic

Kanth Road, Moradabad 244001

Ph: 315065 Electronics Engg. (30), Instrumentation & Control Engg. (30)
Govt. Girls Polytechnic

Jhansi 284003

Ph: 446578 Diploma Courses : Electronics (30), Computer Application (30)
Govt. Girls Polytechnic

Shamli 247776, Distt. Muaffarnagar

Ph: 51742


Diploma Courses : Electronics (30), Computer Application (30), Electronics with Ind. Control (30)
Govt. Girls Polytechnic

Allahabad 211004

Ph: 641626


Diploma Courses : Interior Decoration (30), Textile Design (30), Comp. Application (30), T.D. In Interior Decoration (CADD) (30)
Govt. Girls Polytechnic

PO Sushmahi (BHU) Varanasi

Ph: 319162 Diploma Courses : Textile Design (30), Electronics (30), Equipment Testing (30)
Govt. Girls Polytechnic

Gorakhpur 273006

Ph: 311615 Diploma Courses : Electronics (30), Steno & Sectt. Practice (30), Computer Applictions (30), Textile Design (30)