Art Direction Courses

Art Direction Courses in India train candidates in fields of art and its applications in film sets and advertising sets. This is essentially a fine arts study field which focuses on a very specific form of film making. With the expansion of the film industry in India and elsewhere, the demand for art directors have risen significantly during the last few years.

Careers in art direction are concentrated in the film and advertisement industries. With every aspect like film editing, script writing, sound recording, and film directing becoming specialized fields of study, art direction is also a very dedicated study program. Candidates having professional qualification in art direction are offered lucrative business deals by film producers, advertising agencies, and television film producers.

Art direction jobs are highly specialized and are undertaken by the most creative people involved with art. Expert art directors can create fabulous sets for films which are appreciated all world over. It may be noted that ‘Art direction’ is an award category for films either produced in India or Hollywood.¬†Art Direction Courses in India.

Art direction programs are open to graduate degree holders. The institutes conducting art direction course in India are:

  • Film and Television Institute of India, Law College Road, Pune – 411004, Tel.: 020-25431817; Website: Art Direction Duration: 3 months

Scopes in India 

Art direction jobs in India exist in the film industry across India. Art directors are most in demand by film makers in Mumbai, South India, and Kolkata. Leading advertising houses hire art directors for important projects and assignments. Television companies also appoint qualified art directors for their productions. With ever expanding channels and their productions, the demand for art directors is reaching unprecedented levels.

Scopes in art direction outside India

Art Direction course graduates have wider acceptability when they look for opportunities outside India. With innumerable satellite channels and similar number of advertising concerns the demand for art directors is always high throughout the world, especially in the Americas and Europe. Art direction professionals are hired as set designers, layout planners, and landscape designers.