Ethical Hacking Courses

The demand for offline and online ethical hacking courses in India is on a rise. Today, almost all the public and private sector companies in the field of information technology are in dire need to save their web properties from criminal hacking. For this, they heavily depend on professional ethical hackers. These professionals with their knowledge and understanding can not only secure confidential details of a company, but can also trace the location of the hacking. This is a lucrative and responsible job. If you are looking for an exciting career in IT, a training program in ethical hacking can prove helpful.

Types of Ethical Hacking Courses

Various types of ethical hacking training courses are offered in India. These include practical security training, certification training, compliance training, online professional development training and IT audit & project management training among others. Some of the very popular training programs in this field are web defenses, licensed penetration tester, cyber forensics and certified ethical hacker.

Apart from this, other ethical hacking courses in India can be as varied as:

Intrusion Prevention
Advanced Computer Forensics
Reverse Engineering Training
Data Recovery Training
CISA and CISSP Certifications
PCI Compliance Training
Secure Coding for Java & JEE
Database Security – MS SQL Server & Oracle Server
Certified Information Security Consultant (CISC)
Hacker Training Online
Expert Penetration Testing
Operating Systems Security – Windows & Unix
Certified Secure .Net Developer (CSDD)
Incident Response and Network Forensics
Wireless Security Training
Security Awareness for Software Developers

Eligibility for Ethical Hacking Courses

Candidates looking for certified training programs in ethical hacking need to have hands-on experience of the operating systems like Windows 2000 and Linux. Expertise in TCP/IP is another requirement.

Institutes for Ethical Hacking Courses in India

The rising demand for internet security and web development business has paved way for the ethical courses in India. Today, a large number of institutes have come up with tailor-made certificate programs to equip professionals with expertise in this domain. Some of the institutes where you can find effective learning solutions in this area are:

Jodo Institute, Noida
Appin Knowledge Solutions, Bangalore
CyCops India Pvt. Ltd, Hyderbad
Futurepoint Technologies, Hyderabad
Swarajcomm Technologies, Hyderabad
Bascom Bridge Education Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad
lifeA5 Academy, Agra
TechDefence Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
Adept Technology, Chennai
Education Sure, Chennai
SIS Training Cell, Noida
Cognex Technology Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions, Delhi
Network Intelligence India Private Ltd, Mumbai

Ethical Hacking Job Prospects

Increased concern for privacy and security from criminal hacking in cyberspace has given an immeasurable boost to the career of ethical hackers in India. Today, almost every big to small public and private sector company has an ethical hacking cell or such service to ensure protection of important information related to clients, customers, credit cards and others. Hence, those who specialize in this area are always in demand. For experienced individuals, the salary range in this domain varies from Rs 27.7 lakh to Rs 32.5 lakh per annum.