Linguistic Courses

Linguistics is the study of language which identifies the common element connecting the languages and draws its relevance from archeology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, sociology, English, computer science and almost all subjects known to mankind. Morphology referring to the formation of words, phonetics dealing with speech and non-speech sounds, phonology related to the sound systems and sound units, semantics dealing with meaning and language acquisition are the major branches of study associated with Linguistics.

Through Linguistic Courses, you will learn about organization and use of languages as well as develop skills in critical reading, argumentation and analysis. If you are interested in this field, you can enroll in several Linguistic Courses in India.

Qualifications for Linguistic Courses in India:
For acquiring a Bachelors degree in Linguistics, one needs to pass the Higher Secondary or 10 + 2 examination with humanities as one of the main disciplines. For acquiring a post graduation degree in the subject, a graduation in Linguistics is a must.

Benefits of Linguistic Courses in India:
A course in Linguistics can hone one’s writing and argumentative skills. It can also help the individual acquire mastery over data analysis, synthesis of speech, child language etc. After completing Linguistic Courses in India, you can explore the vast subject of the origin of languages and analyze the common thread connecting them. A thorough understanding of the social, cultural and psychological perspective enables the candidate to understand the mysteries of speech, sound, words and sentences, which are the building blocks of a language.

 Linguistic Courses offered in India:

Various Linguistics courses offered in India are as follows:

  • M.A. in Linguistics, Post M.A., Diploma in Linguistics, Advanced Diploma in Applied Linguistics by University of Delhi.
  • M.A. in Linguistics in Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi)
  • M.A. in Linguistics from Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad
  • B.A.(Hons.), M.A. in Linguistics, Certificate in Linguistics, P.G. Diploma in Linguistics by Aligarh Muslim University (UP)
Scope for a Career in Linguistics in India: Job opportunities for linguists are available in the Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore, Institute of Hindi Language, New Delhi and Anthropological Survey of India. A linguist can also get jobs in hospitals as speech therapists, join as speech trainers in the call centers or be recruited in the field of medical transcription. Job opportunities are also available in the fields of advertisement, journalism, business and corporate communication for those with degrees in Linguistic Courses in India.


Scope for a Career in Linguistics Abroad: A degree in Linguistics coupled with technical expertise can get linguists good jobs in software companies abroad for writing programs for computers which are subsequently used for teaching a language. Linguists are hired by foreign universities to decipher rare dialects as a part of a specific project. You can also be a faculty of Linguistics abroad if you are armed with a post graduation degree. Publishers abroad often recruit linguists for online dictionaries. Neurolinguists and speech therapists are in high demand abroad for treating pediatric and adult speech problems.

Select a suitable course in Linguistics and unravel the labyrinth of enigmatic languages connected universally by a common thread.