MBA Finance in India

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management courses offered at the Indian Institutes of Managements in India offer special elective papers in Finance and Control. This specialized MBA Finance program aims to equip students with an understanding of concepts related to management accounting, financial accounting and the nuances of corporate finance.
The course integrates special papers in subjects such as business evaluation, quantitative finance, risk management and financial derivatives.

These finance and control programs are designed and periodically revised to integrate the dynamics of the current domestic and international economic environment. The objective is to go beyond the traditional scope of business finance control and business accounting.

The scope of research and study in MBA Courses includes in depth research in theory and practical application of corporate finance, and study of markets and financial assets institutions; will special emphasis on using economic analysis and statistical methodology in different business fields.

The most important subjects that are taught as part of MBA Finance electives include: Corporate Restructuring; Behavioral Finance; International Finance; Business Valuation; Fixed Income Markets; Market Microstructure; Structured Finance; Risk Modeling and Management ; Investment Analysis; Portfolio Management et al.

Subjects such as Marketing Management, Organizational behavior, operations research and cost accounting are all integral to MBA Finance study curriculum taught at the premier Indian B-schools.

Institutes Offering MBA in Finance

Listed below are the institutes that offer MBA Finance course in India: