Molecular Biology Courses

Molecular Biology Courses are specialized studies involving the molecular structure of different constituents of a cell or organism. This highly focused field of education is in great demand for finding out the causes and remedies of incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS. The nucleic acid component of cell chromosomes are also matters of study in this course.

Careers in molecular biology are focused on latest developments of cell biology. Stem cell studies and its utilities are vital study lessons in molecular biology. Extensive research in molecular biology has enabled scientists and scholars to develop clones of various animals. Studies in molecular biology also have helped in studying the evolution of the living world comprising plants and animals.

Molecular biology also includes studies in molecular medicine, and genetics. Though genetics is a highly specialized area of research, it is considerably dealt with in molecular biology. Detailed studies of ribo nucleic acid (RNA), and deoxyribo nucleic acid (DNA) are vital in studies of both molecular biology and genetics.

Institutes in Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology colleges are all of the post graduate level. Most of these institutes are government owned as the research equipments are highly sophisticated and expensive. The notable institutes offering research studies include:

Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Uppal Road, Hyderabad – 500007, Tel.: 040-27160222; Website:

Course: Research in Molecular Biology with stress on Signal Transduction, Nuclear Pores and Lamins, Enzyme Structure Function, Host-Guest Interactions in Plants, and Transcription

Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Rahata, Loni – 413736, Ahmednagar; Tel.: 2422-273600; Website:

Course: Master of Science in Molecular Biology
Duration: Two years

Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, 4, Raja S.C. Mullick Road, Kolkata – 700032; Tel.: 033-24735197; Website:
Course: Research in Structural Biology

Bose Institute, 93/1, APC Road, Kolkata – 700009, Tel.: 033-23502402; Website:
Course: Research in Molecular Medicine

Scopes in Molecular Biology in India

Molecular biology jobs are extremely focused and primarily research based. Scholars either take up educational assignments or get engaged as research candidates. Post graduates in molecular biology get openings as lecturers, or associate professors. Experienced candidates get opening as assistant professors and professors.

Molecular Biology Scopes outside India

Scholars successfully completing molecular biology courses get excellent openings in foreign academies and organizations. Institutes doing intensive research in cytology, stem cell studies, and genetics are always on the lookout for qualified molecular biology scholars.