Career in Beauty Industry

human being in the world loves looking beautiful. Today, beauty has emerged as one of the leading industries in the country. From homemade products to cosmetic treatments, every kind of beauty care system is growing as an industry and is employing more and more people. Here is a list of the best careers that you can opt for if you are associated with the beauty industry and the places where you can earn a degree in beauty studies.

Top Beauty Institutes in India 

Earning a degree in professional courses is the call of the day. Every individual likes to study professional courses keeping future job requirements in mind. You can earn a degree in beauty studies from the following institutes in India:

VLCC Institute - Established in the year 2001, the VLCC Institute is one of the biggest beauty institutes in the country. There are a total of 45 VLCC campuses spread across 33 cities of India. Professionals and experts in the field of beauty and nutrition provide courses in beauty, cosmetology, hair, makeup, spa treatments and nutrition advices.

Jawed Habib Institute - This is also one of the most famous beauty institutes of India operated and managed by internationally renowned entrepreneur and hair expert Jawed Habib. Offering professional courses on hair and beauty, the institute has a total of 284 centers distributed across 74 cities in India. 21 Indian states have a Jawed Habib study center; therefore the reach of this institute is widespread. Moreover, the name Jawed Habib is internationally recognized and hence a degree from this institute will help you acquire jobs outside India too.

Blossom Kochhar College - This college of creative arts, design and beauty is also very popular in India. With its head office in Delhi, Blossom Kochhar also has outlets in every leading metropolis of India. The courses here extend from a few months to a year.

Kaya Skin Clinic and Institute - Kaya is a well known name in beauty and cosmetic treatments. The Kaya institute trains young boys and girls to provide beauty advices. The best part about Kaya Skin Institute is that you can obtain employment in the clinic itself after completion of the course.

Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Institute - Shahnaz Husain has been a pioneer in making herbal beauty products since ages in India. To learn from the master herself is to learn the tricks to prepare the perfect ingredient to beauty! The courses are offered from the New Delhi branch of Shahnaz Husain’s institut

Why Would You Select A Career in Beauty? 

Employment Opportunities in Beauty Industry 

Beauty, in India and worldwide, is a multi billion dollar industry. The employment figures in this industry have seen a rise by thousands over the last couple of years. Not only beauticians, but also scientists and production engineers find jobs suiting their profiles in the beauty industry. Gone are the days when you will make beauty products at home; you will rather purchase a can of that product from the nearby markets.

According to figures taken in the year 2003, the beauty industry in India generated a total revenue of Rs. 3000 crore. This was a growth of 40 percent from the previous year and the fastest growth of an industry in recent times. Since 2003, the beauty industry has generated additional revenue of 12 percent.

After completion of your professional course and training in the beauty institutes, you may choose to work in the leading or neighboring beauty institutes of India or open your own beauty parlor.

Eligibility Criteria to Study Beauty Courses 

No particular academic qualification is required to be a student of beauty courses in India. An interest in beauty and a flair for the job are assets. There is also no age bar in undertaking training in beauty lessons and treatments.

The leading beauty institutes of India