Career Options in Data Entry

Data entry has ever since its inception created ample opportunity for employment. This field has become very popular among not just students but also homemakers and professionals from different walks of life.

Eligibility criteria

Professionals belonging to any academic background are eligible for taking up a career as a data entry operator. Basically a pass in class XII examination is required. Depending on the type of data entry job, having a bachelor’s degree is an additional advantage for an individual.

Also needed is to have a good sense of grammar and the language in which the individual is doing the job. Aside from English, there are various other regional languages in which data entry is done. So, an individual has to have proper knowledge in the language of his work.

Minimum computer knowledge can help immensely. This is because data entry is done online and the knowledge of handling computers is definitely an advantage. Additional computer skills listed below will help an individual intending to pursue a career in data entry enjoy an edge over others. They are listed below-

  • Error free typing
  • Keyboard speed
  • Capacity to interpret data fast

Individuals with the following qualification can also apply for the post of a data entry operator. This holds true more in case of government organization offering data entry jobs.

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Computer Application
  • Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering
  • M.Sc Information Technology
  • MCA

In order to work as a data entry operator in any government body, age is also a factor that is taken into account. Age of the data entry operator should not exceed 30 years.

Some government data entry jobs require that an individual should have minimum 2 years relevant experience. It is an additional advantage if the candidate has experience in data handling in fields related to finance, accounts, human resource, purchase, and stores.

Types of Data Entry courses

Not many institutes offer regular courses in data entry operations. One of the premier institutes in Rohtak, Haryana known as Diksha Institute of Information Technology or D.I.I.T offers the following course for data entry operators.

Type of course - Diploma in Date Entry Operator
Admission procedure- There is no admission test. A student/professional can seek admission directly.
Duration of the course - 3 months
Eligibility requirement- Pass in class X or class XII
Remarks- DIIT is an authorized study centre of Maharshi Dayanand University in Rohtak.

Data entry jobs in government organizations

The following government organizations recruit individuals as data entry operators. They are -

  • Indian Council for Medical Research
  • DOEACC Society
  • International Institute for Population Science
  • EdCIL Limited
  • Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
  • Ministry of Science and Technology of Government of India
  • Society promotion of IT Chandigarh
  • NCIPM National Centre for Integrated Pest Management
  • India Government Mint

Areas where data entry can be applied (Career prospects)

Given below are areas where data entry skills can be applied.

  • Document Imaging
  • Data Processing
  • Data Mining
  • Data Conversion
  • Customer Support
  • Data Entry
  • Data Digitalization
  • Data Management
  • Document Management

Types of data entry career prospects

An individual can opt for a career in data entry in 2 ways. There are online as well as offline data entry jobs in this sector. The only difference is in case of online an internet connection is required and in case of offline data entry jobs, it is mostly done with paper and pen.

Salaries of data entry operators 

Salary of the data entry operators depends on the experience, qualification; type of industry in which recruitment is sought, and job profile. The table below highlights the remuneration of data entry operators in different sectors.

Industry Type Salary Range for data entry operator
Telecommunication 62,912 rupees and 233,636 rupees
Business process Outsourcing 58,710 rupees and 159,868 rupees
Data Management Software 54,054 rupees and 210,333 rupees
Information Technology Services 60,817 rupees and 185,715 rupees
Computer Data Storage 52,481 rupees and 191,213 rupees