Career in Game Designing

With the advancement of technology, numerous new career options are opening up. A career in Game Designing is one among them. It is one of the most complex parts of software development. Game Designing involves designing the content and rules of the game. The term refers to both game design represented in actual game and documentation describing the design. The principles of game designing are applied to various forms of games such as board games, video games or card games.

Some types of game design require an integration of many other disciplines. For example, video game design needs the co-ordination of game mechanics, programming, visual arts, production process etc. Usually, the purpose of games is entertainment, training or education. Some of popular games are shooting, racing, hiding, commanding, escaping, stunts, trading, finding, role playing, solving puzzles and education. One can select a career in game designing, as it is lucrative field.

Game Designing Companies in India:

Game designing jobs are booming in India and it is considered as hot career option. There are numerous established companies that offer excellent

job opportunities in game designing.

Some of the popular games designing companies in India are- Synapse, Smackall, Ishir Infotech, Csharks etc. They design the games for mobile phones, online games and video games. The mobile games include the board games such as Checkers, Chess etc, betting games (sport betting games, casino games etc), puzzle games and word games.

There are wide variety of online games including single and multi player games. Some of the famous online games are word games like anagrams, crosswords etc, card games, board games like Checkers, Chess etc, Casino based games, strategy games, arcade games like racing, shooting and sport games etc and puzzle games.

Game Designing Courses:

To get good jobs in game designing, one needs to complete some courses. Some of the games designing courses are- Advanced Diploma in Game Design, Diploma in Game Design & Gaming, Video Game Design and Development Certification and Video Game Design and Development.

These courses are offered by well-known institutes in India including Colorchips Animation Training Centre in Hyderabad, National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Digital Academy Film School in Mumbai and Image College of Arts, Animation & Technology in Chennai, Asian Academy of Film & Television in Uttar Pradesh etc.