Career in Optometry

The paramedical experts play a very significant role in helping the doctors in diagnosing the disease and to give proper treatment. Generally the role of paramedics is diagnostic as well as therapeutic. The paramedics include medical laboratory technicians, x-ray technologists, food service workers, emergency medical technicians, dental mechanics, pharmacists, physiotherapists and optometrists. Optometry is a science that is associated with structure, working and function of human eye. This healthcare profession is related to examination, correct diagnosis and proper treatment of the eyes. It deals with optical symptoms, using lenses and other optical aids, refractive errors and their correction. There is a great scope for the optometry in India and abroad. It is an emerging, dynamic career option that offers community respect and personal growth. Career in Optometry offers financial success, job flexibility and unlimited opportunities.

Qualifications needed for Optometry Jobs

To get jobs in optometry related field one should complete the optometry courses. There are diploma and degree courses in optometry technology. To practice as an optometrist, one should opt for Bachelor of Clinical Optometry (B. Optom) degree. To be eligible for B. Optom program, one should clear the EYECET examination.

There is 2-year diploma course in Ophthalmic Techniques, Ophthalmic Assistance, Optometry and Refraction.There is also three-year diploma course for the candidates with S.S.C.

Some of the institutes in India that offer different optometry courses are- Academy of Optometry in Kolkata, Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Medical College in Pune, All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, Elite School of Optometry in Chennai etc.

Skills Required for a Career in Optometry

The optometrists should have some personal skills such as manual dexterity, patience and confidence manner. The essential factors to be a licensed optometrist include good vision, mechanical aptitude, dedication, self-discipline, coordination and ability to tactfully handle the patients. job opportunities in optometry are available in India as well as abroad. The optometrist can get the jobs in clinics or hospitals to assist the Ophthalmologists. After few years of experience, he can start own practice. After completion of master’s degree in Optometry, one can proceed for Ph.D. There could be fewer chances for self-employment for the optometrists.