Chinese Tuitions

Chinese is one of the premier languages of the world. Chinese is widely spoken in China, parts of Asia, and Europe. Chinese language is spoken in various dialects, read, and written in countries having a significant Chinese population. Many people have a hobby of learning various languages of the world. They take interest in learning to read and write in more than one language in the world. This helps them to meet new people, interact, and learn more about their culture.

In several cities of India, Chinese is recognized as one of the leading international or western language to be taught and spoken in the country. Home tutors and private coaching centers have particularly encouraged the spread of Chinese language among interested people. Chinese tuitions today are available in the major cities and towns of India. There are also centers and institutes of foreign language to master these subjects. Chinese is part of curriculum and an optional subject in many colleges and universities of India.

About Chinese Tuitions

The availability of Chinese tuition centers are increasing over the past few decades, it has become easier to learn the basics of the language within a few months. Home tutors in parts of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Goa offer Chinese tuitions. These cities have a small Chinese community as well. There are specific areas and regions that house the Chinese population. You would be lucky to learn the language from these people directly. People who have studied the language course basis also give tuitions in Chinese. The duration could be from 6 months-3 years period. Students specializing at graduation level or post graduation level in Chinese, seek guidance from lecturers, professors, and foreign language experts.

Tuitions are given at home, in coaching centers, colleges, and cultural institutes. There are also workshops held in many parts of India to promote Chinese speaking and writing among interested students.

Chinese Tuitions Benefits

Seeking help and guidance to master Chinese language involves various benefits and advantages. Students, homemakers, and professional more often learn Chinese to increase their knowledge of languages. Hospital management, hotel management, and tele-callers are required to know more foreign languages to deal with international clients. These people can always opt for private Chinese tuitions. Some of the benefits of Chinese Tuitions are as follows:

  1. Learning the basics of the subject
  2. Slow learning
  3. Special guidance
  4. Revision works
  5. Mock tests (for graduation and post graduation students)
  6. Increasing knowledge of languages
  7. More avenues of employment like in tourism

Popular Chinese Tuitions Centers

Many home tuition centers, private teachers, Chinese graduates, and foreign language lecturers offer to teach Chinese. These tuition centers are located in the major cities of India where a considerable population studies Chinese. Below given are few Chinese learning centers in India.

The course fee of learning Chinese language is cheap and within a short time you would be able know the basics. This advantage is making more and more professionals take interest in knowing this language with the guidance of Chinese language experts. They often do not get a certification unless from a recognized institute.

The career prospects for Chinese and Spanish learning students are increasing in the tourism, hospitality management, airhostess training, and people looking for oversees jobs.

Home tuitions in Chinese
Near Paikapara, B T Road, Kolkata – 700002
Mr Abhijit Roy
Phone: +(91)-9831872526

Chinese Classes in Noida
Mobile : 9717440922

The Sterling Institute 
Khajina Building, Above Bank of Baroda
3rd floor S.V. Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400058.
Subjects taught: Chinese, Italian, German, French, Arabic, and Japanese

Chinese Language Home Tutor
House No- 3228 SEC 46 /C
Conatct: Tanvi Khosla
Phone – 9876000212

Home tuition for Chinese language
Subject taught: Chinese
Phone: 8106373320
Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Almighty Academy of Foreign Languages
Location: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Languages taught: German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic
Urdu, and Persian

Ambitions Institute of foreign languages
Location: Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Contact- Mr tarandeep
Phone: 9872012266

Courses-For-All Academy of Career Development
Location: Sec-52, NOIDA
Phone: 9891500587
Subjects taught at the institute: Chinese, French, German, English Languages.

There are three level courses for learners.

  • 3 months for beginners
  • 2 months- Intermediate
  • 2 months- professional

There are regular tests and revision classes conducted every week for all the three courses.


  • Batches for 5-7 Students
  • Complicated topics are explained in simple and coherent manner.
  • Free Career Counseling
  • Free Study Materials
  • Individual attention for students
  • Tests and evaluation done

According to a data revealed by the Chinese Students’ Union, around 2,000 students come to India from China to receive higher education. These students are also involved in part time work especially in cities of Delhi and Mumbai. These Chinese students also offer tuitions for Indian students.

The Chinese training institutes have all expanded their reach for students. There are regular workshops held in many cultural centers across the country. These workshops may detail you about the importance of learning Chinese and about places where you can get Chinese-teaching tutors.