Korean Tuitions

The importance of the Korean language is rising at a fast rate. So learn this graceful language and enlarge your cultural horizon. This language is predominantly spoken in two Korean nations-South Korea and North Korea. In addition to this, this language is also spoken in some parts of Japan, United States and Canada. One of the main advantages of this language is that unlike the Japanese and the Chinese languages, it is comparatively easy to learn. Commercially, the importance of this language is growing at a rapid pace as South Korea has emerged as a technology powerhouse in the world. Big business conglomerates such as LG, Samsung and Hyundai have their origin in South Korea.

In India also, these Korean business houses are very much present and job opportunities for the people who know Korean language are increasing at a very rapid rate in India as well as throughout the world. There are jobs for Korean Language Analyst, Language Expert, Translator and Interpreter in different Korean companies operating in India and in the Korean embassy. So, the demand to learn this language is growing rapidly in India. To meet this increasing demand, a large number of institutes and centers have come up with Korean language and spoken Korean courses in different cities of India. A variety of Korean Tuitions are also available in different parts of the country so as to help the students better learn the language.

Korean Language Learning Centers in India

A large number Korean Tuitions centers are there in India. A few of them are listed below.

Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages

The Institute offers Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses in Korean language. It aims at imparting quality and intensive education in Korean language. Pass outs from this institute get national as well as international assignments. Address & Contact
NEW DELHI (110075)
Tel: +91 (11) 31305222,
+91 (11) 31305333
Mob:+91 9350263254

Korean Workshop by VieSupport

This is offered by VieSupport. This is located in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Viesupport is a multilingual training center which offers courses on Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, and Russian languages. The main features of VieSupport are listed below. Small batches
Training provided by expert professionals and native speakers
Individual care
Group discussions
Audio visual aids
Regular test and evaluation
More job opportunities with MNCs
Free career counseling

Teacher/Instructor: VieSupport
Course Format: Classroom
Term: 150 hours
Seats: 12
Fee: 12000
Address & Contact
Vie Support
No. 30, 1st Floor, Lakshmi Talkies Road
Shenoy Nagar, Chennai-30
Phone: 044-45566659/09551656566

Basic Korean (Certificate) by Christ University

This is offered by Christ University, Bangalore, Karnataka. Course Description
Module I: Introductory Lessons
Unit 1: Recognition & identification of vowels and consonants; reading & writing of syllables and short words.
Module II: Preparatory Lessons
Unit 1: Introductions, introducing another person Grammar
Unit 2: Asking the name of things, asking about possessions Grammar
Unit 3: Ordering in a cafeteria, Buying things in a stationary store Grammar
Unit 4: Talking about the location of a person, Talking about the location of a building Grammar

Module III : Core Lessons

Unit 1: Asking for a telephone number, Making a phone call, inquiring by telephone Reading & Speaking
Unit 2: Talking about daily routines Reading & Speaking
Unit 3: Talking about daily life, Talking about plans for week Reading and Speaking
Unit 4: Talking about past events Reading & Speaking
Unit 5: Talking about the location of an object
Unit 6: Asking how to use public transportation, Asking how long public transportation takes Reading & Speaking.

Teacher/Instructor: Christ University
Course Format: Classroom

Address & Contact
Christ University, Hosur Road, Bangalore -560029, Karnataka, India
Phone: 91 80 4012 9100/91 80 4012 9012

Korean by JNU

It is offered by JNU, Bangalore, Karnataka. It offers certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses in Korean language. However, the course syllabus is subject to change. It offers Korean language classes or Korean tuitions to the students willing to learn Korean as a second language. Course format: Classroom
Teacher/instructor: Sandeep
Term: 2
Seats: 10
Fee: 7500
Contact: 9342030447

Various Korean Language Courses by World Language Lab (India) Pvt. Ltd.

It offers various courses on Korean language. This is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. Courses offered by World Language Lab (India) Pvt. Ltd. are listed below. Korean Level1-Basic

This is a course for the beginners. It entails fundamental vocabulary, structure of Korean language, speaking, reading and writing in Korean language. Audios are used to aid pronunciation. This course is conducted in a classroom environment. Korean Level II-Intermediate

If you want to enroll this course, then you must possess the knowledge of Korean Level I-Basic. Grammar at the intermediate level, discussions, conversations essay writing are included in this course. This course aims at improving the speaking power of the students. This course is imparted in a class room environment. Korean Level III-Advanced

The basic requirement for this course is the intermediate level knowledge of Korean language. Oral communications and written comprehensions are covered in this course. It also includes conversation, discussion, advanced level of grammar and essay writing. This course is imparted in a class room environment. Korean-Diploma

This course is aimed at the students aspiring for higher education in Korean language or seeking jobs in foreign destinations. It is a course of two semesters. This course is imparted in a class room environment. Korean-Traverers

This course is designed for the people who have to travel abroad where the Korean language is used. It may be a holiday trip, education trip or a business trip. Address & Contact
#1057, Banasawadi Main Road, Banasawadi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Phone No: 91-80-41638972/41638973/41638974/41638975
Website : www.worldlanguagelab.in

Foreign Languages & Englishs Workshos by Changing the world of training

This unique course is offered by Changing the World of Training, Bangalore. The institute offers training in over 21 foreign languages. This is very well recognized course. The pass outs get good international assignments.

Address & Contact
#1057, Banasawadi Main Road, Banasawadi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Phone No: 91-80-41638972/41638973/41638974/41638975
Website : www.worldlanguagelab.in