Online Tuitions

Education is the best investment in anyone’s Life. On line tuitions’ task is to assist students accomplish success in their respective field of education by providing training services at an opportune and best place – the Home. After the success of BPO Business Process Outsourcing, Online Tuition is becoming more and more popular in India. Online tuitions enable a huge number of Indian teachers coach children all over the globe and make a good amount of money. It is a flourishing internet business in India now.

At present there is a increasing requirement for online tutorials in UK and USA. Of late thousands of teachers from Asian countries mainly from India and Pakistan are setting up online tuitions business. Their main target is the American students and so they make their sessions according to the American academic year which is between September-October. Online tuitions or Educational Services Outsourcing (ESO) are flourishing in India as Indian tutors are worldwide well-known and are on great demand. Indian tutors are providing their services to students in UK, US, Canada and the Middle East. Tuitions in subjects like Mathematics, English and Science are high in demand. There is a popular trend of American students taking online tuitions and this has made many Post graduate teachers in India set up online tutorials at their home or at some other places.

They sit before their computers in the nights to coach students who are continents apart from them in USA. This process of educational outsourcing has endowed many young men with immense prospects to earn in dollars sitting at the comfort of their homes. The cost effective and quality teaching methods of Indian tutors are drawing students from all over the world. The cost applicable to Indian Online Tuitions is $20 as against $40 to $50 in US. This has made online tuitions much popular among the American parents. Online tuitions are quite popular in India as well. Students appearing for competitive exams often opt for online tuitions, as they are convenient and also affordable. Besides, the benefit of being able to get training from home itself is a major incentive for online tuitions. The highly sophisticated training programs offered online tuitions are also very effective in today’s perspective. And all you need to get this benefit is a personal computer with an internet connection.

Important Features of Online Tuitions-:
Greater contact hours
Save transportation costs and time
Make students enthusiastic on technology
Free up physical space by having students virtually
Increased efficiency allows you to serve more students

Basic Requirement to start an Online Tuition Center-

A broadband internet connection and a workstation with a whiteboard is a must. Hand free head sets are needed for the teachers and students to talk to each other. Both the teachers and students can write down questions and answers on the workspace shown on the computer screens on both sides with the help of a digital pencil. A web camera is necessary to see each other. It is important for the teacher to understand the accent of the students and respond to them freely. The students include both boys and girls. Online teachers have access to US books. Online interactive tests are conducted and homework is given regularly.

Online Tuition Sites

e-Tutions- With Internet becoming reasonable so as the Home PCs, BETS pioneers of Global Education joining with their IT group company S A Infocon opened an program to do good to Students all over the globe. eTuitions provides online teaching facilities worldwide for various School Grade, University Under Graduate and Post Graduate Students. Their skill lies in combining technology with teaching talents. The environment is easy to use, and can be accessed by any computer connected to the Internet Faculty include working teachers / retired teachers / working executives / higher education pursuing students / educated housewives – They teach non traditional students, online students, working students residing anywhere in the world. e Tutions boasts of advanced technology, huge amount of human knowledge base and large number of faculties for various subjects, across Locations. The training process is designed precisely and watchfully and regular appraisal tests are conducted online on joint and participative methods to make the students ready for the success in their academic fields.

Mathguru- MAthguru is an pioneering math-help curriculum intended to provide solutions to the student’s math related problems. The curriculum includes a step by step teaching program by using a pen and virtual notebook. Mathguru has a storehouse that houses a vast number math problems and their solutions (10,000 solutions), from the NCERT Math textbooks.

Learning Hour -Learning Hour is the major source of Live, Online School Tutoring in India, with a big collection of highly skilled, extremely capable and thoroughly trained tutors helping the educational needs of school students all over the country. Facilities provided include one to one live online teaching where students and tutors communicate with each other with the help of voice, video and digital whiteboards. Personalized Study Plans are made for individual students, which is a topic-wise study schedule connected with assignments, tests and notes. Subject taught include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Hindi, French. Customized Packages are also created here by the students to suit their individual needs. Group sessions are also available where more than one students study together, logging in from their own homes.