Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata

  • Name of the Institution : Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute
  • Type of the Institution :Research Institute
  • Location :Kolkata
  • Ownership :Government
  • Accreditation/ affiliation :Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
  • Courses Offered: Training Programs,
  • Departments/ Branches :Chemical Engineering, Glass Science & Technology, Oxide and Bio-Ceramics, Clay & Traditional Ceramics, Electroceramics, Refractories and Building Materials, Glass Ceramic Coating, Non Oxide Ceramics, Optical Communication
  • Established in the Year :1950
  • Website :http://www.cgcri.res.in/
  • Facts and Figures :Establishment date: August 26th 1950

CGCRI or the Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute is one of the earlier research institutes established by the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR). It is located in Kolkata and was initially named as the Central Glass and Silicate Research Institute when it actually started its operations in the year 1944 (before its formal establishment).

It became famous for its work in optical glass that is used worldwide in astronomical and optical instruments. The institute offers a number of short term training courses in the field of optics and ceramic technology. Several workshops are also held, in which new developments and upgraded technology are shared with industry participants and students.