Distance Learning: Computer Upgradation and Maintenance Certificate

With rapid evolution of computer technology, the significance and demand of this excellent general-purpose device has increased by leaps and bounds. More and more people are buying computers to make their day-to-day work easier. However, while operating a machine, one must know how to maintain it properly and keep it upgraded in order to increase its lifespan. Here comes the importance of the Certificate Course in Computer Upgradation and Maintenance.

Benefits of the Course

Nowadays, quite a few numbers of learning centers in India have started to offer certificate course in Computer Upgradation and Maintenance through distance mode. This course is meant for working computer professionals who want to add value to their profiles. In fact, the students who could not pursue higher studies due to some inevitable reasons can also enroll in this program and get trained in special branches of knowledge. Certification course in Computer Upgradation and Maintenance is basically a short-term course. Depending on the learning center, duration, admission procedure, fee structure and many more, the course program can vary largely. Generally, students who wish to join the course need to be 10+2 pass outs.

Course Content

The certificate course in computer upgradation and maintenance helps students become experts in upgrading and maintaining computer systems. The first segment of the course includes:

  • Upgrading the software
  • Upgrading disks by adding additional drives
  • Replacing old disks
  • Upgrading memory (RAM)
  • Replace the video card etc.

Conversely, the second section contains the following topics on maintenance:

  • Hard drive maintenance (scanning the hard drive, running the scan disk, running disk defragmenter)
  • Privacy software (running Spybot)
  • Updating your software

Scopes and Opportunities

After achieving the certificate in Computer Upgradation and Maintenance through distance mode, one can join various companies where computer hardware experts are required. These days, computers are essential items for every company. For this reason, keeping them upgraded and maintaining them properly is one of the major concerns of all organizations. Students can also start their own business and work independently in this field. All these clearly indicate that there are immense opportunities for Computer Upgradation and Maintenance certificate holders in the coming days.