Education Companies in India

Education is one of the primary requirements in India at this point of time because in many places in India, the bane of illiteracy has not disappeared yet. If India wants to become a “superpower”, it should achieve 100% literacy. In India, there are many education companies, who are contributing immensely to the growth of education in India. Apart from the public education system, private education companies are also helping India to have a sound educational infrastructure and facilities.

The Indian education companies are providing customized education as per the requirements and expectations of the students as well as their parents. With the emergence of these outstanding education companies in India, a huge change in the educational scenario has been noticed. According to latest statistics, the estimated market value of Indian education is almost $50 billion. Contribution of the education companies in increasing market value of the Indian market is significant. In fact, their importance in the Indian context is increasing like never before.

Most of the top education companies in India are coming up with technology based advanced education and are always prepared to meet requirements of the educational institutes, schools and colleges. This advanced education is predominantly IT-based, which can be accessed from any part of the world. Whether you have a broadband connection, Wi-Fi internet services or mobile internet, you can get quality education from anywhere and anytime. This is the reason why the importance of e-learning courses and facilities is increasing at such a fast pace. Education companies in India are facilitating this process of audio-visual education, giving a new dimension to the landscape of Indian education.

Top Education Companies in India

ACK Media Career Launcher India Ltd (CL)
Calorx Education Company Pvt. Ltd Capella Education Company (CPLA)
Educomp Solutions Limited Everonn Education Limited
Greycells Education Ltd Karrox
Manipal K-12 Education Pvt. Ltd Macmillan Publishers India
McGraw-Hill Education India Maxmind Abacus & Vedic Academy
NIIT Next Education India Pvt Ltd
Pearson Education Sky India Computer Education India