Career Launcher India Ltd (CL)


Career Launcher India Ltd (CL) was set up in the year 1995. The company provides training and preparatory learning solutions to school and college goers so that they can prepare for diverse entrance examinations.

Career Launcher has also designed excellent instruction based classroom courses and other web-supported services to offer maximum benefits to students attending school and college.

At present, CL is also involved in providing mainstream education through its playschool chain called ‘Ananda’. The K12 schools by CL are named as ‘Indus World School of Business’ and Business school is called ‘Indus World School of Business’.

Further, the company has its reach in about 130 locations of India, USA and Middle East. Through its widespread network, it gives training to over 60,000 student enrolled in graduate and post graduate courses to help them qualify entrance examinations like CAT, GRE, XAT and other high level tests that take place across India.

In addition, this company also organizes training programs for senior and high secondary school candidates every year who are seeking career in the fields of law, hotel management, BBA, fashion & design and engineering.

Affiliations of Career Launcher India Ltd (CL)

Career Launcher has tied up with National Commodity And Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX ) and its other branches such as NCDEX Institute of Commodity Markets & Research (NICR) to provide learning and training solutions in commodity sector. Currently, the company is operating in various locations of South Asia, US, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. It is also planning an expansion in places like Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat and Qatar among others.

Products and Services of Career Launcher India Ltd (CL)

Like other education companies in India, Career Launcher offers a wide range of product and services to help students meet different educational and industry oriented needs. In order to succeed, the company has started several business units, which are as follows:

Test Prep: Through this segment, it prepares school and college students for entrance examinations like CAT, XAT and other MBA tests.

Schools: By opening K-12 school, the company has made its presence felt in the mainstream educational system of the country. The first playschools were named as Anandaand Indus World Schools.

Business School: Running under the brand name Indus World School of Business, the institute helps students in gaining entrepreneurial skills. At present, the institute offers postgraduate management courses.

Skill School: In the field of vocational training, CL intends to increase student’s employability. It operates several divisions such as Livelihood Skills Program, Pre-Hire Training, Government Partnership and Graduate Finishing School to meet the set objectives.