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Kolkata is home to some of the well known noble laureates. The City of Joy has several seats of higher learning including the well known Presidency College and St Xavier’s College. Students enroll for different courses in different colleges and some prefer to pursue a career abroad. The education consultants in Kolkata play an instrumental role in offering guidance and assistance to the innumerable students who want to study abroad and those who wish to qualify in entrance examinations and continue studying in professional educational institutes in the city itself.

Role of Education Consultants 

Educational consultants in Kolkata or for that matter any part of the country extend their valuable help in the following manner.

.Career counseling - The educational consultants will ask students about their requirement and will help them by assessing the pros and cons of the requirements.

.Help choose the right course and right college - The educational advisors will also help students select the right university and the right course. For instance, if a student has scored excellent marks in science but wish to pursue a career in humanities, they will suggest the prospects of both science and humanities as applicable for the student.

.Visa processing - Some of the education consultancy firms help students with visa application forms. They also help students prepare for the visa interviews and help students with the visa processing.

.Student loans- There are few consultants that help students to get a students’ loan from banks.

.Standardized tests - It is a well known fact that students who prefer to pursue a career overseas are required to qualify for standardized tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL. The education advisors offer coaching classes to such aspirants and prepare them for the tests.

.Entrance exam dates and notifications - One of the main roles played by the consultants is to provide accurate information about the examination dates of various colleges and universities announced. It is also their responsibility to inform the students of the admission notification dates and prepare the students accordingly.

The roles and responsibilities of the education consultants in Kolkata mentioned above just a few of them. There is a wide variety of services offered by the education advisors in the City of Joy.

Top Education consultants in Kolkata

Check out the names of few education consultants in Kolkata. Also given are the Contact Details and the services offered.

1.Education Unlimited Inc

Education Unlimited Inc offers a host of educational services to students at different educational levels. The services offered by this education advisor includes assess eligibility of students, find universities and colleges matching the profile of students, arrange for and provide information about scholarships fellowship programs, financial aid, offer coaching for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, and GMAT, arrange accommodation for students, assist in visa processing, prepare students for visa interviews, arrange education loans, offer pre-departure briefings, arrange foreign exchange, airport drop and pick up, and prepare travel documents.

Contact Details

Education Unlimited Inc
27 B, Park Street,
Flat “F” 1st Floor
Kolkata 700016
Telephone +9133 30283838
Fax +9133 22299009


Edstar is one of the leading education advisors in Kolkata. They offer the following services – college and course selection, student evaluation, building resume, documentation, and assistance in filling online/offline application forms, facilitating application for scholarships, pre-departure counseling, and preparation for visa interviews.

Contact Details

10 C
Hungerford Street,
2nd Floor
Telephone 033-40113456, 09311260720

3.Star gate Alliance

Star gate Alliance offers a wide variety of services to students. Few of them include offering updated information about colleges and universities in Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, and United States of America. Coaching services are offered for qualifying in tests – IELTS, GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, TWA, and TSE. They also assist students in getting jobs once the academic programs are completed.

Contact Details

Star gate Alliance
Registered Office
393 Jodhpur Park
Flat – 3A
Kolkata – 700 068
Telephone +91-9830255517 / 98314 55517, +91 – 33 – 2483 8410 / 2418 7889
E-mail,, India

4.Vcare Consultancy Services

Vcare Consultancy Services started off as a human resource training and development firm. However, later it also started offering for students, the main service for students being career counseling, training to develop interview skills, and developing leadership skills for employment.

Contact Details

Vcare Consultancy Services
VIP Market Basement, LG- 029
P-187, CIT Road, Kankurgachi,
Kolkata – 700 054
West Bengal, India
Telephone: +91 33 65697010
24X7 Help Line +91 9903388699

5.Imminent Career Solutions

Imminent Career Solutions is a well known education consultant in Kolkata. They also serve students of Patna. They assist students to plan a career according to their skills and help them to select the right college and study program.

Contact Details

Imminent Career Solutions
Ballygunge AC Market
2nd Floor
Gariahat Road
Kolkata 700029
Telephone +91 33 40658005, +91 9088808080

6.Global Reach

Global Reach is one of the oldest education consultants in Kolkata. Services offered by Global Reach include the following – assists students to study in colleges and universities of the countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, Dubai, Cyprus, Thailand, Canada, Singapore, United States of America, United Kingdom, and many other countries. A student can take admission into more than 350 foreign universities with the help of Global Reach. In addition to career counseling other services include facilitating visa procedure, pre-departure sessions, preparing students for tests like TOEFL and IELTS. Assisting students with foreign currency, student loans, and international travel documents and paperwork are services a student can avail.

Contact Details

Global Reach
Unit 7W, The Millennium, (Head office)
235/2A AJC Bose Road
Adjacent to Hotel Hindusthan International
Kolkata 700020.
Telephone (+91-33) 2283 5537, 3053 2020, 3053 2021
Fax (+91- 33) 2283 5538

Global Reach (Salt lake office)
D205, City Centre
DC Block,
Sector-1v Salt Lake,
Kolkata – 700 064, India
Telephone (+91-33) 2358 4093 / 4006 3166
Fax (+91-33) 2358 4094

7.Edwise Overseas Education Consultants

Edwise Overseas Education Consultants offers a wide range of services. They include the following -coaching for exams, career counseling, selecting university and colleges, recommendation, admission guidance, financial assistance, travel assistance, foreign exchange currency assistance, pre-departure counseling, visa procedure, academic career planning, and admission into colleges and universities in the following countries – United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Dubai, and Malaysia.

Contact Details

Edwise Overseas Education Consultants
South Block, 206,
2nd Floor,
Ideal Plaza,
11/1 Sarath Bose Road,
Near Minto Park,
Kolkata – 700020.
Telephone +91 – 033 – 40122333 / 9830543637
Fax +91 – 033 – 40122399

8.Source Consultancy Services

Source Consultancy Services assess the latest trend in selecting careers and help students to decide upon the appropriate career. Students are also offered assistance in universities of Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Contact Details

Source Consultancy Services
Source Consultancy Services
9B, Short Street
Kolkata 700 016
Telephone +91 (33) 40013733

9.Eduwest International Consultancy

Eduwest International Consultancy offers accurate and latest information about admission into colleges of Ireland, Switzerland, France, Singapore, United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom. The consultant also offers training in standardized tests like SAT, GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS. Other services include coaching for MBA, B.Sc, M.Sc, BBA, MBBS, MD, MS, Information Technology, Media, Linguistics, Language, Law, LLM, LLB, Tourism, Social Care & Health, and English Literature. This education advisor also offers assistance in the following areas – academic project writing, visa eligibility assessment, IELTS assessment for free, career advice, pre-visa services, and admission into various colleges and universities.

Contact Details

Eduwest International Consultancy
AE 492 Saltlake City
Sector- 1
Kolkata 700064
Near Quality
Opposite Dhanalaxmi Bank
Telephone 033 40707054, 9831013338

10. Globaled Consultancy

Globaled Consultancy is an education consultant operating in Kolkata. It offers invaluable services to the students who want to pursue a career abroad. The consultant offers a host of services that include foreign exchange services, visa counseling, making travel arrangements, securing bank loans, insurance if world currency debit/credit cards, helping students select the right course and college according to the requirement and scores obtained. Other services include career counseling, and application processing. Contact Details

Globaled Consultancy
19C,Sarat Bose Road,
Kolkata – 700020,
West Bengal,
Telephone 91-33-24744718, 24851820
Mobile +91 0 9836043534, 9883016049

11. Y Axis Overseas Careers

Y Axis Overseas Careers helps students with admission into colleges in Canada, Europe, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden, United States of America, Australia, and United Kingdom. Assistance in admission in to bachelor as well as master’s study programs is offered by the education consultant. Other services include visa documentation and career counseling and advice.

Contact Details

Y Axis Overseas Careers
41, Chowringhee
3rd floor,
Kanak Building,
Opp: Maidan Metro Station,
Kolkata – 700 071
Telephone 033-30021908 to 11
E-mail 12.Career World

Career World is one of the education advisors in Kolkata that offer valuable help to students. Ranging from student counseling to helping students choose the right course and college is what is taken care of by the education consultants.

Contact Details

Career World
33 A Jawaharlal Nehru Road
Near Esplanade Bus Terminus
Chatterjee International
1st Floor
A Middleton Row
Kolkata – 700071
Telephone +91 33 22275971, +91 9830750001, 9874150001, 9830108885

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