Planman Consulting

Planman Consulting was established in the year 1996 as the brainchild of Professor Arindam Chaudhuri, noted economist and management guru, eminent author, authoritative speaker and transformational leader. Professor Chaudhuri is also the Dean of the Center for Economic Research & Advanced Studies at The Indian Institute of Planning & Management, New Delhi (IIPM). Under Professor Chaudhuri’s leadrership, Planman Consulting has become one of India’s largest multi interest consulting and business Services Corporation engaging in a variety of organizations, institutions and enterprises in diverse industry and government verticals. Planman Consulting strives to deliver significant advantages and value to its clients and partners through innovative services and flexible solutions.

The core competency of Planman Consulting remains in its people.

The teams that make up Planman Consulting’s work forces worldwide comprises of motivated individuals who have developed competencies in specific industries which enables them to serve clients by proper understanding of their needs and providing them with customized solutions as per their requirements. The services of Planman Consulting are utilized by a number of the Fortune 500 organizations.

Major Divisions of Planman Consulting

  • Human Resource Intelligence Cell : Human Resource Intelligence Cell ( HRIC ) is an HR and manpower consulting division of Planman consulting that specializes in providing comprehensive HR consulting service to clients by facilitating them in understanding, developing, implementing and quantifying the effectiveness of their human resource programs and policies.
  • Global Strategy and Investment Consulting: Global Strategy and Investment Consulting (GSIC) is a global knowledge and strategic consulting division of Planman Consulting providing customer-centric solutions across industries and geographies. The forte of GSIC is to proffer unbiased research through scientific analysis entailing high quality and cost competitive research that supports the decision-making process of corporate organizations.
  • Indian Council for Market Research: Indian Council for Market Research (ICMR) provides complete marketing solutions package with great emphasis on the core marketing issues. ICMR helps corporate organizations to know, understand, and arrive at customized marketing solutions through extensive groundwork and research, making marketing a complete knowledge oriented process.
  • Planman Financial: Planman Financial, headquartered in Delhi and having presence in London, Singapore, US and Dubai, undertakes research projects for National and International companies to provide them with solutions for investment opportunities in areas like merchant banking, investment banking, corporate advisory, equity & industry research in standard and customized format and distribution of financial products.

Contact Details of Planman Consulting:

Planman Consulting
IIPM Tower – II,
C-10, Qutab Institutional Area
New Delhi – 110016

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