Libraries in India

Library Name Location
American Information Resource Centers Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi
Central Reference Library Kolkata
Goethals Indian Library Research Center Kolkata
Harekrushna Mahatab State Library Orissa
Indian Council Historica Research New Delhi
Indian Council Social Science Research Library New Delhi
Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi
JRD Tata Memorial Bangalore
Library of Congress Office New Delhi
MCIT Library Consortium New Delhi
National Science Library New Delhi
Nehru Memorial and Museum Library (NMML) New Delhi
Ramkrishna Mission New Delhi

Role of Libraries in Education System

A good library plays a very important role in education and learning. Though the importance of a library is not often recognized in Indian schools and colleges, it is said that a library must be present in all institutes of India if students are to acquire complete knowledge on a particular subject. The government of India, in realization of this fact, has taken the step to construct libraries in educational institutes of the country and also in public places across the country. The government takes care of the fact that the libraries in India are not only equipped with the best quality books, but are also well spaced, so that students and elders may sit in peace while studying their subject of interest.

But with the passage of days and the introduction of new technologies, the concept of a library has also changed. Today, students are more acquainted with the concept of e-books and a complete library can in reality be stored in your own computer! Therefore people do not even have to move out of home to enjoy the facilities of a library. Also, if you are sure about the type of subject that you want to read, you can pay a visit to special libraries like a science library or a social science library, where only books on a particular subject are available.

Technology has made the world small; if one library has several branches all over the country, you can easily get a book from another branch of the same library if you do not find the same in your preferred branch.

In reality, it is the duty of a guardian or a teacher to inculcate the habit of visiting a library in students’ right from his schooldays. A student must always be encouraged to visit a library and read more books on any subject than is taught in school or college syllabuses to receive all round education.